Baltinester Jewelry Customer Testimonials

Here are some of our customer testimonails.

The quotation marks aren't a gimmik - these are all word-for-word testimonials. We want you to hear from real people.

Since customer privacy is important to us, names have been changes to ensure privacy.

We have been completely satisfied with the entire process from ordering to arrival of our rings.
Baltinester was quick to respond whether through email or by phone making the design of our custom rings easy and ordering simple.
Response time was nearly immediate.
Our rings are beautifully crafted and have quickly become some of our favorite pieces of jewelry.

(Barry, UK 19/8/2013)

WOW.....WOW.......WOW........! This time you have excelled yourself in producing something of beauty and truly reminiscent of one of the wonders of Jerusalem.
Many thanks, you are a brilliant craftsman!

(Steve, Thailand 9/5/2013)

The mailman delivered the jewelry today, they are great! I will certainly be doing business with you again, and thank you all very much - it was a pleasure to shop with you!

(Robyn, USA, 20/12/2012 )

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I can't praise you enough for the way we've been treated. Shopping online is not always easy and requires a lot of trust. I commend you for your business practice and customer service.

(Maarten, USA, 19/12/2012 )

I enormously enjoyed doing business with you, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

(Véronic, Canada, 05/12/2012 )

I have been very happy with all our purchases through Baltinester.

(Anna, Australia - 17/10/2012)

I received my pendant this morning and I cannot tell you how happy I am.  I truly thank you.

(Dorothy, Canada - 16/10/2012 )

I received the jewelry that I ordered from you and everything is beautiful. I so enjoy everything I have ever bought in the past years as does my family. Thank you.

(06/12/2012 - Irene, USA )

Thanks again for your excellent service

(08/22/2012 - Leigh, USA)

I just received the Chai Pendant you sent me. It's beautiful and absolutely perfect. I am sure my husband will love it! Thank you so very much! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely shop at your online store again!

(05/14/2012 - Tatyana, USA )

Thanks so much, pleasure doing business with you.  I will of course tell all of my friends about the wonderful store. 

(05/16/2012 - Amy, USA)

I would like to thank you for your service. I received my bracelet and I absolutely love it.  Thank you again 

(5/14/2012 - Larissa, USA )

The necklace was a big hit! She hasn’t taken it off since I gave it to her. And she was thrilled to get your note, too.
Thank you again for everything!

(12/16/11 - Terri, USA)

I've received the ring today and it's great. It fits on my baby finger (pinky) like I wanted.
Thank you very much my friend. Blessings!

(12/7/11 - Garcia, Brazil)

I received my Hamsa 2 days ago. Thanks so much for your excellent customer service and for your beautiful jewelry.

(11/29/11 - Linda, USA)

The pendant arrived today and it's beautiful!  Thank you for your help and service

(11/22/11 - Cheryl, USA )

The candlesticks arrived today. Thank you they are beautiful. I'll give them to mum and dad tomorrow. Regards

(11/7/11 - Rose, Australia)

I received the earrings and they're just lovely. See you again soon...

(10/28/11 - Margaret, USA)

Thanks for great customer service!!! I hope to see you soon :)

(10/26/11 - Aliza, USA)

Just a quick e-mail to let you know the necklace arrived for my daughter yesterday and it's lovely.  Thank you sooo much.

(10/18/11 - Thomas, USA)

What a nice guy you are. thank you so much for all the good info. I'm excited about receiving my daughter's necklace. My best to you always.

(9/27/11 - Tess, UK)

I received today the Gorgeous, Beautiful necklace. You were absolutely right – this is a very special piece.  It's my gift from my husband for Rosh Hashana. Thank you very much for sending so I could get before the New Year.

(9/27/11 - Rena, USA)

I just received my package. the ring is beautiful! Thank you-shalom!

(9/24/11 - Patrick, USA)

I received the jewelry that I ordered from you and everything is beautiful. I so enjoy everything I have ever bought in the past years as does my family. Thank you.

(9/21/11 - Irene, USA)

The earrings arrived this morning...thank you for your promptness and your artist as they are beautiful...exactly what I wanted.

(9/20/11 - Sally, USA)