Jewish Pendants

Jewish Pendants

Our Jewish pendants are a symbol of tradition, heritage and excellence. Choose your silver, gold or diamond covered Jewish pendant to embrace your Jewish heritage and look your best.

Choose the symbol that touches your heart – the Star of David, a Hamsa, menorah, Chai, or a mezuzah. These pendants are made from gold, silver, precious stones, or Roman glass in different sizes and styles.

Are you proud to be Jewish? Then show the world by wearing a pendant with a symbol of the Jewish nation around your neck.

Show your identification with Israel and Judaism by purchasing a pendant today from Baltinester Jewelry.

A Variety of Jewish Pendants - Both Traditional and New Fresh Designs
Buy a Special Pendant - Created In, and Inspired by, the Holy City of Jerusalem
Be Safe and Feel Protected by the Almighty with Hamsa Pendants
Best selection of Star of David Pendants, fitting for any budget
The Powerful Jewish Number of 18 and The Power of Life in Stunning Chai Pendants
Buy today and enjoy free shipping (!) on these stunning Charms
Free Shipping on Historic The Symbol of Light and Endurance of the Jewish People
Each Unique Piece Handcrafted to Perfection by the Most Skilled Artists
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