Roman Coin Earrings

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Roman Coin Earrings. These sterling silver round dangle earrings have an ancient Roman coin embedded in each one.  Read More
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Product Details
40mm / 1.57''
36mm / 1.41''
Product Description

These wonderful Roman Coin Earrings would make for a very nice gift, for any lady with a taste for this style. The earring are made of sterling silver with a round dangle drop. Each one contains an original Procurator coin, which looks absolutely timeless. The original coins are cased in lovely silver encasings.

The Procurator coins of Roman Procurator coinage were coins issued by the Roman Procurators and Prefects of the province of Judea between 6 - 66 AD. They minted only one denomination and size, the bronze prutah.

As part of our Ancient Coin Jewelry collection here at Baltinester Jewelry, pair of Roman Coin Earrings is handmade in Israel with you in mind. We hope you will enjoy the fine craftsmanship and high quality of our products, as well as the great service we have to offer.

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Roman Coin Earrings
227 227 USD
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