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Why Roman Glass Jewelry Should Be Your Pick for Everyday Wear

Roman Glass Jewelry

Glass jewelry makes a unique fashion statement. The beauty of the jewelry lies in the elegance of the glass cuts and colors. In the ancient Roman Empire, craftsmen used glass for many items such as glasses, plates, and decorative items. It was then that roman glass jewelry gained popularity and since then, it is known and preferred for its exotic designs and one of a kind sparkle.

Roman glass jewelry is now produced mainly in Israel and is one of the most loved items from Jewish jewelry. It is expensive but long lasting and never gets out of fashion. This is why it is loved as a basic jewelry item for everyday occasions. Here are some other reasons why Roman glass jewelry should be your top pick for daily wear!

Historical Significance 

Roman glass jewelry items reflect their historical significance from the look of the unique glass to the shapes and cuts used in making the jewelry. The sentiment of the 2,000-year-old texture and design reflects in these jewelry items. The simplicity and intrinsic design make these items suitable for everyday wear. Made using modern jewelry-making techniques, they are traditional yet classy. Moreover, the glass used in the production comes from the same raw material as it did thousands of years back but the techniques have changed to modern methods.  

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Beauty and Elegance

Any type of jewelry is worn because it adds beauty and elegance to your personality – and your dress! Jewelry in everyday wear is a statement you make about your personality. Roman glass jewelry is all about delicacy, simplicity, and grace.

The Roman glass is cut into shapes and designed with golden metal, usually giving out shades of blues and greens. Your everyday jewelry item can be a simple ring, a pendant or ear studs. You can wear it on your low-cut top, a fashion t-shirt with jeans or a flowery summer dress.

Roman glass jewelry looks classy on any skin tone. The glass shines its colors when light falls on it, making it the perfect outdoor wear.

Easier to Keep Clean

Your everyday jewelry pick has to be one that you can easily clean and maintain. The best part about the Roman glass is that it doesn’t get old. In fact, it traps the light and changes its shades, which adds to its beauty.

Roman glass jewelry is long lasting and its dynamic natural state will surprise you. You will never get bored of it. The silver or gold used in the jewelry needs to be cleaned, but with care. Any chemical used can get on the glass and damage it.

Variety to Choose From

With modern designs and techniques, Roman glass jewelry now comes in a variety of designs and cuts available at Baltinester Jewelry LTD. You can choose your favorite item to add to your everyday wear collection and make your personality statement. You can also get your personalized jewelry item according to your taste.

If you are looking for trendy designs in Roman glass jewelry, Baltinester Jewelry LTD is the place for you.

You can pick your favorite designs from our latest collection available at our online store.

All You Need To Know About Ancient Coin Jewelry

Did you know that the first coins in the world were issued by ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC? The symbolism from that time is preserved in many artistic ways and coin jewelry is one of them. Whether you are a history-lover or coin collector, you will find ancient coin jewelry to be a unique blend of beauty, history, and symbolism.  

Coins from the ancient Roman and Greek era represent visual images of major events and people such as Alexander the Great, monuments in the Roman Empire, the harp of David Maccabees, etc.

Alexander introduced a uniform design and weight for the coins used in that era, which later became known as Alexander’s coinage after his death. The coin had Hercules minted on the front and God Zeus at the back. Such coins are still used as jewelry items today.  Ancient coin jewelry is the perfect amalgamation of style and history that will add a mystic touch to your jewelry box.

Coin Jewelry in Early Times

Coin jewelry is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time coins were made. Since coins were made from expensive metals, such as gold or silver, and were also used as money, ancient coin jewelry was a symbol of wealth. Kings would wear coin jewelry to show-off their position and power.

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Coins were also made to impress lovers or show dedication. This is why ancient coins had faces of Kings and Emperors – and the practice is followed till date.

Keep in mind that coins were not just a source of money and wealth, but also a visual representation of great craftsmanship. In ancient times, all coins were made by hand. This is why they held greater value. They were also used as souvenirs for travelers to take back home and in order to preserve them, they would make them into jewelry and wear them.

Why Coin Jewelry is Becoming Popular?

With its undeniable historic significance, ancient coin jewelry is still one of the most expensive jewelry items, depending on its originality and worth. Baltinester Jewelry LTD has some collectible coin jewelry items that hold great historical significance.

Ancient coin jewelry is gaining popularity among history and jewelry lovers. It is also considered to be a sign of national pride. Not to forget, this type of jewelry is beautifully designed with some unique cuts such as the shape of a harp around the coin or the Hamsa hand shape.

Gold coins are also often turned into jewelry items so that people can wear them as a fashion statement. It can be worn by both men and women and it won’t be wrong to say that it is still used as a show of wealth. Coin jewelry can also be worn to reflect your political and religious sentiments.  

Where to Buy?

Baltinester Jewelry LTD offers some amazing designs in their ancient coin jewelry collection. They have a wide range of pendants and rings from different eras of Jewish history. If you are one of those who love keeping a part of history close to you, you can order your jewelry item today. To find our collection of ancient coin jewelry, visit our website. You can also get personalized coin jewelry to add a trendy touch to it. Some of our coin jewelry items are influenced by fascinating historic tales that are preserved in this artistic way.

A Guide to Buying Jewish Earrings

Earrings are an important part of your outfit. They make your simple look bold and classy, provided you choose the right style. Pair them up with plain, casual, funky and formal outfits to introduce sensuality and elegance.

Let’s see how you can find the perfect earrings for that next major event. How about you gift them to your best friend when they move into their new house or tie the knot?



Studs are a classic, and you can’t go wrong with them, regardless of your face shape. They usually feature a stone that is attached to a post, supported by a screw or plastic backing. Available in various sizes, colors and stones, studs make a great gift for a birthday, engagement or anniversary.


Hoop style earrings are available in numerous sizes and are the perfect choice if you want a feminine touch. Whatever you choose depends on your personal taste, but generally, hoops are more appropriate for cocktail parties and night out with friends. . Smaller hoops are more sophisticated, whereas larger hoops are often perceived as a fashionable accessory.


Drop style Jewish earrings look elegant, but choose a size that goes with the shape of your face. Generally, bigger drops are adorned with more stones and are ideal for formal events .


Jewish earrings are available in so many materials that it can certainly be hard to make a choice. If you want something traditional and elegant, sterling silver is probably the best choice. Should you want exclusive Jewish earrings, you may want to choose white gold.


Jewish jewelry is often adorned with gems such as amethyst, garnet, ruby and diamond. For everyday wear, smaller gems introduce an interesting spark, and for more special occasions, you can try wearing bigger stones.

The 14k Gold Pomegranate Garnet Earrings are a funky choice. If you want something more sophisticated, consider the beautifully elegant Diamond Heart Star of David Earrings featuring plain and studded hearts in place of the traditional six cornered stars.

Face Shape

Jewish earrings can be experimented with. Most earrings suit those who have an oval shaped face. For a round face, choose a teardrop style and for square faces, go with oval or round earrings.

Baltinester Jewelry LTD has a wide collection of earrings, from simple to intricately fancy designs. Whether you want simple studs or dangling loops, you’re sure to find something that would look amazing with your attire. Check out our Jewish earrings collection today!