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Hamsa Jewelry – Deflect Harmful Intentions

Would you like a piece of jewelry that not only looks beautiful, but is known to protect you from the Evil Eye as well? Take a look at the Hamsa jewelry in our collection. You will surely find one that catches your eye.

When you scroll through our collection of  Hamsa jewelry you will find an array of styles, made of 14k gold, silver, filigree or cutout designs, with precious stones or without, and even a Jerusalem motif. Find the one that fits your taste and you will have an ornament that joins you to your spirit in an extraordinary way.

Why Hamsa Jewelry?

When you enter a shop or a private home in Jerusalem you are likely to see a hand hanging on the wall. In the center of this symbol there will often be the shape of an eye. The shape of the open hand with an eye at its center is believed to be an amulet that protects from the evil eye and brings good fortune.

At Baltinester Jewelry, all the items in this Hamsa jewelry category are handmade by skilled Israeli artists using gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones, and enamel work to create unique works of art.

One of our most popular pieces is a 14k Gold Filigree Turquoise Hamsa Pendant. The delicate filigree work is set with a Turquoise stone to ward off the evil eye. Another unique piece is the 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Jerusalem Hamsa Pendant. One side is set with diamonds in a brilliant pave setting and the other side depicts the holy city of Jerusalem. It is a one of a kind pendant.

We have a large selection of Hamsa jewelry for you to choose from so scroll through our web pages and find the one that speaks to you. It is a great way to connect to this mysterious symbol of success and divine protection.