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Protection Jewelry: Elegant Jewels to Guard and Protect

All of the Kabbalah protection jewelry in this category is imbued with a protective element to guard the wearer from the Evil Eye and other negative energies. Handcrafted from sterling silver and 14k gold, each piece of protection jewelry is not only beautiful and trendy but contains passages or gemstones known for their protection against the Evil Eye.

Protection jewelry has its origins in the books of Kabbalah and is popular in the Middle East, amongst both Jews and Muslims. Some motifs include the red string, the Hamsa and the Good Eye (Ayin Tov). Within this collection of protection jewelry, you’ll find 3-letter Hebrew words which are actually Kabbalistic Names of G-d. While each one of these 72 names has its own specific strength and energy, protection jewelry will generally use the names known for their protective qualities.

Two stones commonly used in protection jewelry include the chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye stone and the red garnet stone (also January’s birthstone). Both of these gemstones have incredible energies to repel evil and embrace light, making them the perfect choice for protection jewelry.

Whichever beautiful piece of protection jewelry you choose, whether for yourself or a loved one, may it be worn safely and in good health.