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Hebrew Name Necklace – the Best Personalized Gift

A Hebrew name necklace starts with 14k gold, gold plate or silver in varying thicknesses – single, double, even triple thickness – to create a beautiful design.

We offer two different font styles for a Hebrew name necklace – script or block letters. And one more unusual twist – cube letters.  A Hebrew name necklace is a popular gift for young girls, especially when they reach Bat Mitzvah. They are proud of their identity and want to show it to everyone – family, friends, and the whole world.

Hebrew Name Necklace Pendants – Choose a Unique Design

Look through our collection of Hebrew name necklace and pendants and you will see a large variety.

Here we present Hebrew name necklace pendants featuring a Jewish Star, Chai, Mezuza, Kotel (Western Wall), and even an original map of Israel pendant. In addition we are offering a heart, a girl/boy, and the unusual but popular Egyptian Kartush Hebrew name necklace. Each with the name of your choice!

Scroll through and you will find the Hebrew name necklace that is right for you. All our items here are made from 14k gold or sterling silver. Our jewelry artists take this raw material and make amazing pieces of art. This is a wonderful gift for Bat Mitzvah girls, or women of any age.

Are You a King or Queen?

One of the most unusual Hebrew name necklace we have is the Kartush Pendant. The Egyptians would write the names of kings, queens, and other royalty inside this oblong shaped charm. Wearing one with your name on it will make you feel like a king or queen as well. Another atypical piece is the ‘asimon’. An asimon was used in Israel about 35 years ago as a telephone token. This was before ‘smart cards’ and cellular phones. This asimon is made of sterling silver soldered with your name, and comes with a 16 inch silver chain. This unique Hebrew name necklace is a great way to remember the beginnings of the only Jewish country.