Hebrew Wedding Rings

Our selection of Jewish Wedding Rings offers you – bride and groom to be – a few dozen ring styles to choose from. And these rings are not limited to any religious affiliation. They’re suitable for all who are looking for a meaningful and beautiful token and eternal love and devotion between spouses.

Our rings are all handcrafted, and made per order, so when you order from Baltinester’s, you can be sure that your ring has been personalized especially for you. The rings are all gold and silver variations, so if you like any particular style but want to have the variation changed – this is possible! Please contact us and we’ll be happy to create your very own unique wedding ring.

Jewish Wedding Ring: Design Your Own

What’s in a ring? Well, endless thoughts and emotions. Because you’re not just buying a ring, you’re buying “the” ring. The wedding ring that will be a part of your life, from your wedding day onward, in good times, and in less good times (before they get better again…)

Hebrew rings are a great choice to mark this auspicious occasion. It’s not your regular wedding band. The wording surrounding the band carries deep meaning, reminiscent of ancient times, when biblical Kind Solomon wrote the eternal words “I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me” – the famous verse “Ani Ledodi Ve’Dodi Li”.

But this is not the only inscription you can have appear on your ring. There are many others to choose from. Another popular choice is “This is my beloved and this is my friend”, or “When I go forth to find you – I find you seeking me.” No matter which of our Jewish wedding rings you choose, you can personalize its inscription to suit the particular loving sentiment you wish to relay.

Your Choice of Wedding Bands – Not Only About the Inscription

When you look through the selection in this category, you’ll see a variety of materials to choose from too. Some rings are gold, others are silver. Some have diamonds set in them, others are more plain.

We’ve done our very best to showcase all the designs we can think of. If you like a particular variation of design, but don’t see it here – contact us and we’ll gladly create it for you.

In addition, couples may also want to engrave the inside of the wedding rings with the wedding date or perhaps other special romantic wording. This is also an option we can help you with. You can choose from either regular engraving, or highest technology laser engraving, which special ink that is “injected” into the gold. The result is extremely durable and makes for a wonderfully significant element.

Helpful Tips – how to choose your ring

With a wedding venue, a photographer, catering services, a dress, a suit, guest lists, seating arrangements — there is so much to do when you plan a wedding. Choosing rings for the bride and groom may just turn out being another tedious chore before the actual wedding day. But is doesn’t have to be this way. A few simple steps can help you get through the ring selection process. Here are our suggestions:

  • Get your fingers sized by a professional jeweler. Without a ring size – you won’t be able to order a ring.
  • Talk about your budget or general price range. This will help narrow down possibilities. If you’re not in the market for the diamond studded, dual colored, 18k gold $7000 ring – there’s no point in even considering it. Yes, it would be nice, but don’t get sidetracked. Remember your budget.
  • Think about materials. Do you like Silver or do you prefer gold? Do you like white gold yellow gold or rose gold? Which most compliments your skin tone?
  • Are you looking to have matching rings made? If you are, then you have to find a design that you both like. Don’t land up with a wedding ring you look down at with disappointment.
  • Decide on a verse that speaks to you, that represents your relationship. There are many to choose from. If you can’t find one – we can write to us and request a special inscription. We’ll do it for you with pleasure.

Now all you have to do is find the ring you like, select your ring size, your chosen inscriptions, fill in the order form — and that’s it! No more headache. Your ring is in the making and will be shipped to you.

Buy your rings at Baltinester Jewelry, with our 70 year reputation – it will be a wedding ring that lasts a lifetime.