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King Solomon Stone

Eilat stone, also known as King Solomon stone, is the national gemstone of Israel. It is mined in the south of Israel, very close to the port city of Eilat. In fact, genuine Eilat stone can ONLY be found in Israel! Its mines are believed to have once been the copper mines used by King Solomon himself in ancient Israel.

The Nation Gemstone of Israel

The unique teal color of Eilat stone comes from the copper remains in the mines. Eilat stone has a beautiful blue-green opaque color, often with streaks of black. It is always cut as a cabochon, with a smooth, unfaceted surface.

Israeli Jewelry

Our Eilat stone jewelry comes in a variety of 14k gold and sterling silver. Choose from rings, pendants, cufflinks, and more. These beautiful pieces are a wonderful and unique way to connect to the Holy Land and its rich history.