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About Baltinester Jewelry

The shop and workspace are in the holiest city in the world, located at 31 Jaffa Road Jerusalem, Israel, and has been around for over 69 years.
Since taking over the shop in 1995, brothers Yoram and Rami have brought it to a new level, introducing handcrafted unique Jewish jewelry to customers worldwide.
Employing the most talented jewelry artists, Baltinester’s quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. Every item is its own masterpiece.

Production Methods

Being that all of our products are handmade, no 2 items are ever 100% identical. However, they are all equally beautiful! The first step to achieving such perfection is selecting the best metals and stones that can be found. Only certified 14k/18k Gold and Sterling Silver is purchased, marked by The Standards Institution of Israel. The diamonds, as well, must adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme through the Israel Diamond Exchange.
Using these, and other unique materials, the Jeweler creates each item entirely by hand. In the case of gemstone or diamond jewelry, special settings are created in which the diamond setter skillfully places the stones, using masterful expertise to reveal the full glory of the gem.
Many of the products at Baltinester come engraved or with a personalized inscription. All engraving techniques are employed by the in-house engraver, from precise laser to rustic hand engraving.
When the item is completed, Yoram or Rami will look over it with an experts’ eye to assure the quality is up to par and ready to ship. Once perfected to the highest standard, the item is sent out to the customer. Quality and customer satisfaction are the highest priorities.
And finally the best part – the wonderful feedback!