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Product Care

Product Care

Fine jewelry is meant to last. With the proper care you can keep your jewels shining for generations to come.



Diamonds measure a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. They can therefore handle a more strenuous form of cleaning, although that should rarely be necessary. For a general cleaning, all that is needed is some warm soapy water and a small brush. Should an extensive cleaning be necessary, we recommend taking your ring to a local jewelry store and requesting for it to be cleaned in their ultrasonic cleaner. This type of cleaning is only appropriate for metals, diamonds, and certain gemstones which measure high on the Mohs scale.

Always store diamonds and all fine jewelry in a safe place, ideally a cushioned box or pouch.



While some gemstones are quite hard and durable, others are soft and require sensitive care. It’s important to ascertain the type of stone you have and any special requirements it may need.

Sensitive gems include pearls and opals, among others. These softer stones should be cleaned using a very soft brush and stored in dry, dark places. Too much direct sunlight can eventually damage or darken the gem.

Always store your gemstone jewelry in a dark pouch or jewelry case. Without the proper care, your gemstones can become unintentionally scratched. When stored and worn properly, your fine jewelry should last for many many years to come.


Roman Glass jewelry:

You have bought a new piece of dazzling Roman glass Jewelry. Here are a few very important guidelines on how to care for your jewelry in order to keep those Roman glass colors shining and glistening for the next 2000 years. The glass – being made of organic matter – continues to react with its environment. Just as water, heat, oil, and other elements affected the glass in the past, they may continue to do so in the present. When you need to clean your Roman glass jewelry, polish the silver or gold with a cloth but try to avoid the glass.

  • Don’t get the Roman glass wet. Always take off Roman Glass jewelry before you shower
  • Avoid contact between Roman glass and any type of body lotion or hand cream
  • Avoid contact between the Roman glass and hairspray or perfume. Always put the hairspray or perfume on first, wait a few minutes for the spray to evaporate and only then put on the jewelry.
  • Try to avoid touching the Roman glass with your fingers as much as possible.



Although gold is a noble metal (meaning it’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation), it can still be susceptible to natural wear and tear.

The safest way to clean and polish your gold jewelry is by taking it to a local jewelry store. Certain soaps can create a film or cause tarnish, which is not worth the risk! Most jewelers will be happy to clean it for you for free or at a low cost.

White gold is slightly different, as its white color comes from a plating of rhodium. Over time the rhodium can get rubbed away and your jewelry will start to look more yellow (the natural color of gold). When this happens, a jeweler can easily re-plate it for you to bring it back to its full white gold luster.



While silver is a beautiful and versatile choice for jewelry, it can become tarnished easily over time. The best way to prevent tarnish is to simply wear it! The natural oils in your skin keep the jewelry clean and shiny. However it’s fairly easy to polish your silver when needed. You can purchase inexpensive silver polish cloths, or use any lint-free microfiber cloths. Polish using long back and forth motions, not circular, which can magnify any tiny scratches. You can use a cotton swab for the small detailed places.

Some silver jewelry has parts to it that are intentionally oxidized, to add detail and depth to the piece. Make sure when polishing not to polish away any intentional oxidation.

For very valuable or fragile pieces, we recommend taking it to a professional silver cleaner.


With relatively minimal effort, you can keep your fine jewelry and Judaica sparkling in perfect condition!

If you have any questions about caring for a specific item please don’t hesitate to reach out. When you buy a piece of jewelry or Judaica from Baltinester you become part of our family!