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Jewish Gifts

Find quality Jewish gifts handcrafted in Israel by our talented Israeli artists at Baltinester Jewelry. Choose one of our Jewish gifts as a wedding present or buy one for yourself or your spouse.

Giving someone an item from our exquisite selection of Jewish gifts is the perfect way to tell them that you love them and value their connection to Jewish traditions.

What is the secret of Jewish gifts?

The magical glow of the Shabbat candles as they spread their light over the family table. The shine of the Kiddush cup as the head of the household makes the blessing over wine on Friday night. The mezuzah on the doorpost that indicates that here dwells a Jewish family. These are the ritual Judaica items that make our traditions come alive. All of these items make wonderful Jewish gifts to give someone you care about.

Why buy Jewish gifts from Baltinester?

Baltinester Jewelry has some incredible Jewish gifts to offer you. Sterling silver Kiddush cups, Mezuzot for the doorposts of your home, silver candle holders, or ancient coin jewelry are items that connect you to the Jewish heritage and the rituals that hold deep meaning for us. Check through our categories for more Jewish gifts and  items that use the symbols and images of Israel in unique ways.