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Jerusalem Jewelry

We offer sterling silver and gold Jerusalem jewelry.

Jerusalem has been described by the poets over the centuries as the City of Gold, the Holy City, and the city that brings people together and makes peace in the world. A piece of Jerusalem jewelry, whether a pendant, ring or bracelet, is a beautiful way to remember this very special place.

You can choose from one of the well-known symbols of Jerusalem- the Kotel, the Tower of David, the Lion of Judah or the city’s skyline, or perhaps the famous verse from the Psalms “If I forget you, O Jerusalem…” Whichever you choose, this Jerusalem jewelry gift will be a constant reminder of the world’s holiest city.

Jerusalem of Gold

Throughout its long history, Jerusalem has been conquered by many nations, but this city has never left the hopes and dreams of the Jewish People. More than 60 years ago that dream became a reality as Jewish sovereignty returned to Israel.

Our tradition entreats us to always remember Jerusalem. If you have ever been to this ancient city you know what a memorable place it is. This is the city that King David conquered and made into the capital of Israel. It is the place where his son Solomon built the Holy Temple. The Kotel, perhaps the most visited site in Israel, is the wall that surrounded the Temple mount. When Jews pray, they face the direction of this miraculous city. So what better way to remember this place than to wear a piece of it.

This collection of Jerusalem jewelry is all hand crafted by talented Israeli artists using only the finest quality gold and silver.  Within our collection of Jerusalem jewelry there are many symbols to choose from, and we are sure you will find something you like. Do you have your own idea? Write to us and we will have one of our talented artisans make it for you.

It is written in our tradition that this ancient city is the center of the world. Anyone who has visited the Holy City can testify to the spiritual power that one finds here.

Buy Jerusalem jewelry as a gift for yourself or for someone dear to you, these charms are suitable for men and women alike.