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Mezuzah Jewelry

Our Mezuzah necklace pendants are the perfect way to both honor Jewish traditions and to wear a stylish and beautiful piece of Jewish jewelry.

You have a Mezuzah on your doorpost that reminds you of G-d’s Presence and protection of all those who live in your home. So why not wear a mezuzah necklace to remember that G-d is also with you as you go on your way in the world.

All our mezuzah necklace pendants and charms in this category are 14k gold or sterling silver and come in many different textures and sizes. You can choose one decorated with filigree work, enamel, or even Roman Glass. A favorite Mezuzah necklace of ours combines Roman Glass with 14k gold filigree work. The result is a magical combination that is beautiful to behold.

These Mezuzah necklace pendants are more than another accessory. The Mezuzah carries a message that G-d’s constant Presence and protection is in our lives. Wearing a mezuzah necklace is a great way to take that message with us wherever we go.

We at Baltinester Jewelry take pride in our products and this category is no exception. Each Mezuzah necklace is the result of hours of painstaking work by our exceptional artists. We offer many different shapes and designs to insure that each of our customers finds the mezuzah necklace that is right for him or her.

We also offer Mezuzahs for homes which are great pieces of art as well.

All of our products are made to the highest quality by highly qualified artists and we discount every single item in order to give our customers the best prices. The variety of designs enables each customer to select a special Mezuzah necklace charm to wear around their neck and remember that G-d is with them always.

Baltinester has been in business for more than 60 years, almost as long as the State of Israel! Our shop on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem is known as the place to go for quality items by tourists and native Israelis as well. Visit our online store and you can shop for a mezuzah necklace without ever having to leave home.