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Open Kotel Design Shema Mezuzah Pendant

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This exquisitely crafted 14K yellow and white gold combination mezuzah and Shema Yisrael pendant is steeped in symbols of Jewish belief and culture.


The Shema Yisrael, considered as one of the most important prayers in Judaism, is found on the parchment inside of mezuzah cases. This fantastic pendant reimagines the concept as a wearable piece of jewelry with the words of Shema Yisrael adorning the exterior.

• The intricate design of the hollow tubular body of the pendant is a marvelous display of expert filigree techniques.
• The 14K yellow gold Shema Yisrael scroll wraps around the 14K white gold mezuzah fashioned with a brick design reminiscent of the Western Wall.
• The use of two different types of gold adds to further highlight the complexity of its ornate design.

Wearing the mezuzah as a pendant metaphorically transforms the body into a “home” (for which it is traditionally associated with) that’s meant to be kept as a sacred space committed to following the tenets of Judaism.

Item Height

32 mm / 1.26"

Item Width

8 mm / 0.31"

Metal Type

14k, Two Tone Gold, Yellow Gold


Kotel, Mezuzah, Shema Yisrael


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