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Priestly Blessing Silver Tallit Clips

SKU: JG-tc91120-S


Handcrafted, traditional Priestly Blessing Silver Tallit Clips in the form of two hands performing the holy blessing, with the first few words of the blessing engraved onto the hands.

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The Priestly Blessing Silver Tallit Clip is quite a unique and exclusive piece of jewelry. The clip is shaped in a pair of hands with fingers parted, as the priests, or kohanim, do while they recite the special blessing. The first few words of the blessing, Yivarechicha Hashem V’yishmirecha (“May G-d bless you and guard you”), are engraved onto the hands.
The Priestly Blessing, or Birkat Kohanim, is one of G-d’s ways of showing love to the Jewish people. G-d has instructed the kohanim to bless the People of Israel that G-d should always be with them, protect them and bless them. This ritual is done in the synagogue towards the end of the morning services. The kohanim stand in the front with their hands outstretched, palms facing the congregation, and they recite the blessing.
Handcrafted in Israel, available at Baltinester Jewelry, this clip is truly a work of art. May the wearer of this tallit clip be blessed and guarded at all times.

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Dimensions 32.6 × 48.6 mm




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