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Mother’s Day Gift – How to Select the Perfect One

Mother's Day is coming up soon - it is that designated day of the year when you know you just have to tell your mom how special she is and how much you care. But how do you do it? What will you get her as a gift? Nothing measures up to the unending love that she has showered on you. After all, what can you get someone who's changed your diapers, put up with your teenage shenanigans and given ...
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Here’s your Go-To Guide for Shabbat Traditions & Shabbat Essentials

Exodus 34:21: 'Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest'. The Torah states that Shabbat is the day that God rested after creating the world; the word 'Shabbat' literally translates to 'he rested'.Jews all around the world commemorate the Shabbat which begins every Friday night at sundown and continues until Saturday evening at sundown. The popular greeting is 'Shabbat Shalom' or the Yiddish version 'Gut Shabbos'. People take time out from their busy schedules to ...
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Wedding Ring Trends in 2021

Looking for a wedding ring that will hold its own in the style stakes game? In 2021, social media and influencers are more powerful than ever before and brides-to-be are very conscious of the choices they make especially when it comes to wedding jewelry.The wedding industry faced challenging times in 2020 with weddings being postponed, cancelled or marginalised to tiny gatherings. Dreams of flowing gowns, flowers and cakes were shelved. One silver lining to this cloud is the fact that even ...
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Think Outside the Chocolate Box – Love is in the Jewelry!

Think Outside the Chocolate Box - Love is in the Jewelry!Valentine’s day is right here and if you still haven’t gotten a gift, we’ve got you covered. Think jewelry – gold and silver have a timeless appeal and nothing speaks more to a woman than a thoughtful piece of jewelry! Get an exclusive gift that expresses how you feel and at the same time, shows off her personality. Jewellery and love have always been romantically and magically ...
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People are buying jewelry now? You’d be surprised (and so was I).

Even though there are fewer tourists walking the streets of Jerusalem these days, we have been busy, busier than I would have expected us to be. I am very happy, naturally, but as I have been talking to customers and filling orders, I am struck with the idea that shoppers in our store – and online – so often reflect the times. I’ve often thought a sociologist or anthropologist from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem could conduct a great research project ...
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