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Top Picks for Tu B’av Gifts in 2021

"Love is all you need", but a little jewelry never hurt anyone! With Tu B'av round the corner, here's the ultimate gift guide. We've curated some beautiful Tu B'av gifts just for you.The Jewish holiday of love, Tu B'av falls this year on July 24. Popularly known as the Jewish Valentine's Day today, Tu B'av was a day of match-making during the times of the Second Temple. Single young women, beautifully dressed in white, would dance around the vineyards in ...
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Go for Gold! Investing in Tangible Assets like Jewelry and Collectibles is Becoming Increasingly Popular

With the raging Covid -19 pandemic and all the uncertainty that's come along with it, the world is facing unprecedented financial situations. At the micro-level, people are looking to invest in low-risk options. Jewelry and collectibles top the list of alternative investment options today.Job losses, financial crisis, marker crashes – the global scenario is grim. Investments in the stock market are risky and the middle class is turning to the traditional and one of the safest investment options – gold. History ...
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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sea-change in the way we look at things. So, is jewelry necessary at this crucial time? you may ask. We at Baltinester have witnessed a significant change in trends in 2020. Jewelry featured high on everyone’s gift lists this year. There were no vacations, no family dinner outings, no extra shopping trips throughout the year. This left people with more disposable income. Gifting jewelry came naturally.Covid-19 Shall Pass, the Jewelry Will Be with ...
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