The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sea-change in the way we look at things. So, is jewelry necessary at this crucial time? you may ask. We at Baltinester have witnessed a significant change in trends in 2020. Jewelry featured high on everyone’s gift lists this year. There were no vacations, no family dinner outings, no extra shopping trips throughout the year. This left people with more disposable income. Gifting jewelry came naturally.

Covid-19 Shall Pass, the Jewelry Will Be with You Forever…

People have realized that jewelry brings them joy, in addition to being an asset purchase. Need to perk up your look? Just accessorize it with jewelry, and voila, you are done! Thus, the pandemic has been a year when a lot of people are building up their jewelry collection. When you have funds available, it is always a great idea to gift a family member a piece of jewelry – its shows how much you care for their safety.

Gold is here to stay and has reaffirmed its position as a sound long term investment option in a post-COVID world. Gold is seeing a surge in prices and is expected to continually rise. Buying gold is most likely one of the safest investments to opt-in for now.

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After…

2021 is to be the year of marriages. Thousands of couples all over the world postponed their wedding when the pandemic struck. With the promise of vaccines and the soon-to-be-over season of isolations and lockdowns, weddings are being planned for 2021. This has led to an increase in the wedding rings market.

People today are opting for sleek and unique wedding bands. Designs like this 14K white gold ring are trending. Rose gold is also very much in vogue, and this Hebrew wedding band is quite the stunner.

Matched wedding sets have always held special value, and more and more couples are opting for the traditional matched wedding ring sets to seal their marriage vows. Classy and elegant wedding bands where the couple can each choose a hidden message for their spouse like this white gold Jewish wedding ring are trending big.

Big fancy weddings have given way to more intimate gatherings, thus easing out budgets. People are hence spending more on wedding jewelry. Silver and gold bracelets with Jewish wedding quotes are accessories to treasure forever.

“Life is Short – Buy the jewelry, drink the wine, order the dessert.”

The word “Chai” in Hebrew means life. The 2020 pandemic has reiterated the importance of life and its value for each of us. As we realize that there is nothing more precious than the miracle of life itself, a piece of jewelry that celebrates life seems a perfect way to express this sentiment. From miniature chai pendants in gold to the more classic Chai pendants with diamonds, the chai symbol is more in demand than ever.

“May every Evil Eye in your life go blind.”

With the pandemic bringing in some tough times, Evil eye jewelry items are flying off the shelves. Carrying or wearing the Evil eye symbol is believed to protect the wearer from misfortune caused by the harmful intent of others. Since Talmudic times, the Jewish have worn the Evil eye charm around their necks to safeguard themselves.

Evil eye jewelry is available in a variety of designs, from classic to modern, so there is something to suit all tastes. A traditional Evil eye pendant in gold is preferred by some, while others like to match the Evil eye symbol with the protective Hand of Hamsa to fortify its protective powers.

Shabbat Shalom!

Working from home, virtual schooling, and home isolation have their own positive effects. It has brought families under one roof. People are doing everything from home, and this means families now have the chance to celebrate Shabbat together every week. In a pre-pandemic world, traditions had to be compromised in the busy hum-drum of routine life and its demands.

Many families have recultivated the habit of welcoming Shabbat in its traditional form. Hence, there is a growing demand for Kiddush cups. Handcrafted in sterling silver with an inside plating of gold renders our range of Kiddush cups perfect for the supper ceremonies.

Kiddush cups come in a variety of designs, with filigree and Yemenite designs topping the list. Small Kiddush cups in silver make great gifts for children. They are also preferred gift options for Bar mitzvah ceremonies.

“Your jewelry introduces you even before you speak.”

Wearing a piece of jewelry unique to you makes you feel special. A custom necklace with your name or a bracelet with a meaningful quote will always hold a special place in your jewelry collection. Men are not left behind here. For men too, this niche has items like this pair of initial cufflinks in gold.

We note a sharp rise in the purchase of name necklaces and other personalized jewelry. Being custom jewelry specialists, we always aim to delight our customers with our creations.

Jewelry always fits!

You simply cannot go wrong with jewelry. If a close friend is celebrating a birthday, gifting a pendant is a great idea. You can opt for a silver pendant or a gold one, depending on your budget. Jewelry is always appreciated when gifted.

New Year Special!

At Baltinester understand the need of the hour and have introduced a special online sale of some of our popular items for a limited period on our site. This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who, although could not visit our store, supported us Jewish jewelers in these tough times by buying our jewelry online. We are touched by your trust in us and it is with great pride we would like to share that we are here because of our loyal customers. Your love has warmed our hearts; we would like to express our gratitude with this New Year Special Sale of 2020’s most trending items. As always, we are here for you. Happy shopping!

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