All You Need To Know About Ancient Coin Jewelry

Gold dangling earrings imbued with ancient roman coins in the time of King Agrippa.
alexander coin gold pendant

Did you know that the first coins in the world were issued by ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC? The symbolism from that time is preserved in many artistic ways and coin jewelry is one of them.

Whether you are a history-lover or coin collector, you will find ancient coin jewelry to be a unique blend of beauty, history, and symbolism.  

Coins from the ancient Roman and Greek era represent visual images of major events and people such as Alexander the Great, monuments in the Roman Empire, the harp of David Maccabees, etc.

Alexander introduced a uniform design and weight for the coins used in that era, which later became known as Alexander’s coinage after his death. The coin had Hercules minted on the front and God Zeus at the back. Such coins are still used as jewelry items today.  Ancient coin jewelry is the perfect amalgamation of style and history that will add a mystic touch to your jewelry box.

Coin Jewelry in Early Times

Coin jewelry is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time coins were made. Since coins were made from expensive metals, such as gold or silver, and were also used as money, ancient coin jewelry was a symbol of wealth. Kings would wear coin jewelry to show-off their position and power.

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Coins were also made to impress lovers or show dedication. This is why ancient coins had faces of Kings and Emperors – and the practice is followed till date.

Keep in mind that coins were not just a source of money and wealth, but also a visual representation of great craftsmanship. In ancient times, all coins were made by hand. This is why they held greater value. They were also used as souvenirs for travelers to take back home and in order to preserve them, they would make them into jewelry and wear them.

Why Coin Jewelry is Becoming Popular?

With its undeniable historic significance, ancient coin jewelry is still one of the most expensive jewelry items, depending on its originality and worth. Baltinester Jewelry LTD has some collectible coin jewelry items that hold great historical significance.

Ancient coin jewelry is gaining popularity among history and jewelry lovers. It is also considered to be a sign of national pride. Not to forget, this type of jewelry is beautifully designed with some unique cuts such as the shape of a harp around the coin or the Hamsa hand shape.

Gold coins are also often turned into jewelry items so that people can wear them as a fashion statement. It can be worn by both men and women and it won’t be wrong to say that it is still used as a show of wealth. Coin jewelry can also be worn to reflect your political and religious sentiments.  

Where to Buy?

Baltinester Jewelry LTD offers some amazing designs in their ancient coin jewelry collection. They have a wide range of pendants and rings from different eras of Jewish history. If you are one of those who love keeping a part of history close to you, you can order your jewelry item today. To find our collection of ancient coin jewelry, visit our website. You can also get personalized coin jewelry to add a trendy touch to it. Some of our coin jewelry items are influenced by fascinating historic tales that are preserved in this artistic way.

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