A Guide to Buying Jewish Earrings

Earrings are an important part of your outfit. They make your simple look bold and classy, provided you choose the right style.

Pair them up with plain, casual, funky and formal outfits to introduce sensuality and elegance.

Let’s see how you can find the perfect earrings for that next major event. How about you gift them to your best friend when they move into their new house or tie the knot?



Studs are a classic, and you can’t go wrong with them, regardless of your face shape. They usually feature a stone that is attached to a post, supported by a screw or plastic backing. Available in various sizes, colors and stones, studs make a great gift for a birthday, engagement or anniversary.


Hoop style earrings are available in numerous sizes and are the perfect choice if you want a feminine touch. Whatever you choose depends on your personal taste, but generally, hoops are more appropriate for cocktail parties and night out with friends. . Smaller hoops are more sophisticated, whereas larger hoops are often perceived as a fashionable accessory.


Drop style Jewish earrings look elegant, but choose a size that goes with the shape of your face. Generally, bigger drops are adorned with more stones and are ideal for formal events .


Jewish earrings are available in so many materials that it can certainly be hard to make a choice. If you want something traditional and elegant, sterling silver is probably the best choice. Should you want exclusive Jewish earrings, you may want to choose white gold.


Jewish jewelry is often adorned with gems such as amethyst, garnet, ruby and diamond. For everyday wear, smaller gems introduce an interesting spark, and for more special occasions, you can try wearing bigger stones.

The 14k Gold Pomegranate Garnet Earrings are a funky choice. If you want something more sophisticated, consider the beautifully elegant Diamond Heart Star of David Earrings featuring plain and studded hearts in place of the traditional six cornered stars.

Face Shape

Jewish earrings can be experimented with. Most earrings suit those who have an oval shaped face. For a round face, choose a teardrop style and for square faces, go with oval or round earrings.

Baltinester Jewelry LTD has a wide collection of earrings, from simple to intricately fancy designs. Whether you want simple studs or dangling loops, you’re sure to find something that would look amazing with your attire. Check out our Jewish earrings collection today! 




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