Why Roman Glass Jewelry Should Be Your Pick for Everyday Wear

Roman Glass Jewelry

Glass jewelry makes a unique fashion statement. The beauty of the jewelry lies in the elegance of the glass cuts and colors.

In the ancient Roman Empire, craftsmen used glass for many items such as glasses, plates, and decorative items. It was then that roman glass jewelry gained popularity and since then, it is known and preferred for its exotic designs and one of a kind sparkle.

Roman glass jewelry is now produced mainly in Israel and is one of the most loved items from Jewish jewelry. It is expensive but long lasting and never gets out of fashion. This is why it is loved as a basic jewelry item for everyday occasions. Here are some other reasons why Roman glass jewelry should be your top pick for daily wear!

Historical Significance 

Roman glass jewelry items reflect their historical significance from the look of the unique glass to the shapes and cuts used in making the jewelry. The sentiment of the 2,000-year-old texture and design reflects in these jewelry items. The simplicity and intrinsic design make these items suitable for everyday wear. Made using modern jewelry-making techniques, they are traditional yet classy. Moreover, the glass used in the production comes from the same raw material as it did thousands of years back but the techniques have changed to modern methods.  

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Beauty and Elegance

Any type of jewelry is worn because it adds beauty and elegance to your personality – and your dress! Jewelry in everyday wear is a statement you make about your personality. Roman glass jewelry is all about delicacy, simplicity, and grace.

The Roman glass is cut into shapes and designed with golden metal, usually giving out shades of blues and greens. Your everyday jewelry item can be a simple ring, a pendant or ear studs. You can wear it on your low-cut top, a fashion t-shirt with jeans or a flowery summer dress.

Roman glass jewelry looks classy on any skin tone. The glass shines its colors when light falls on it, making it the perfect outdoor wear.

Easier to Keep Clean

Your everyday jewelry pick has to be one that you can easily clean and maintain. The best part about the Roman glass is that it doesn’t get old. In fact, it traps the light and changes its shades, which adds to its beauty.

Roman glass jewelry is long lasting and its dynamic natural state will surprise you. You will never get bored of it. The silver or gold used in the jewelry needs to be cleaned, but with care. Any chemical used can get on the glass and damage it.

Variety to Choose From

With modern designs and techniques, Roman glass jewelry now comes in a variety of designs and cuts available at Baltinester Jewelry LTD. You can choose your favorite item to add to your everyday wear collection and make your personality statement. You can also get your personalized jewelry item according to your taste.

If you are looking for trendy designs in Roman glass jewelry, Baltinester Jewelry LTD is the place for you.

You can pick your favorite designs from our latest collection available at our online store.

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