Top Picks for Tu B’av Gifts in 2021

“Love is all you need”, but a little jewelry never hurt anyone! With Tu B’av round the corner, here’s the ultimate gift guide. We’ve curated some beautiful Tu B’av gifts just for you.

The Jewish holiday of love, Tu B’av falls this year on July 24. Popularly known as the Jewish Valentine’s Day today, Tu B’av was a day of match-making during the times of the Second Temple. Single young women, beautifully dressed in white, would dance around the vineyards in search of the perfect partner. Today, Tu B’av is celebrated with white-themed parties and exchanging gifts with the one you love.

Ani Ledodi Jewelry

One of the best ways to express true love is with a beautiful quote from the Song of Songs:  “Ani ledodi vedodi li” (I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine).

Handmade jewelry with an inscription of the Ani ledodi quote is a great gift option for Tu B’av. Available in rings, pendants and if you would like it custom-made, the Baltinester team is here!

Jewelry with a Heart!

The shape of the heart has always been an expression of love and is probably one of the most used symbols in the world. Needless to say, a piece of jewelry with the heart on it will be a sweet reminder of your love.

Silver, gold, diamonds, modern, classic, vintage – heart jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes…take your pick!

Ahava Pendants

The word ‘Ahava’ means Love in Hebrew. The word has its roots in the Hebrew ‘ahav’ – to give. After all, true love is all about giving each other love and commitment. This is the spirit behind expressing your love through thoughtful gifts for your partner.

If love is on your mind, express it with an Ahava love pendant – we have a variety of gold colors as well as diamond-studded options.

Gifts for Him

Men love gifts as much as women and there are so many things you can gift a man to show him how much he means to you. An accessory with a personal inscription makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift to cherish – a keepsake of your love. 

Cufflinks with his initials, diamond rings with inscriptions, and customised leather bracelets are wonderful options we recommend for Tu B’av. 

Budget or luxurious – we have all sorts of gifts to celebrate Tu B’av, the day of love. When a day means so much, celebrations are definitely in order!

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