Go for Gold! Investing in Tangible Assets like Jewelry and Collectibles is Becoming Increasingly Popular

With the raging Covid -19 pandemic and all the uncertainty that’s come along with it, the world is facing unprecedented financial situations. At the micro-level, people are looking to invest in low-risk options. Jewelry and collectibles top the list of alternative investment options today.

Job losses, financial crisis, marker crashes – the global scenario is grim. Investments in the stock market are risky and the middle class is turning to the traditional and one of the safest investment options – gold. History and statistics reveal that the precious metal is a “safe haven” in times of uncertainty. Also, gold jewelry is definitely a glamorous way to deploy capital!

Why Should You Buy Gold Jewelry?

Long term investment – Gold prices have known to fluctuate in the short term but it is a sound long term asset. In the last decade, gold rates have skyrocketed leading to more and more people turning to jewelry as their “safety net asset” option.

Versatile range – You can choose to buy traditional jewelry or modern stylish pieces. If you like collectibles, gold ancient coin jewelry is a great choice.  There are multiple options to own gold – coins, bars, bangles, earrings, pendants and so much more! Own it, flaunt it, watch it grow and then pass it on as an heirloom!

Tangible – Being one of the earliest currencies known to mankind, gold has always been a favored investment because of its very nature. You can keep it with you and convert it whenever you need to. It’s a physical asset and psychologically, that just makes you feel safe.  

PortableGold jewelry is a liquid asset that can be carried with you. It’s small and can be exchanged for cash just about anywhere in the world. This freedom makes gold jewelry even more attractive as an international investment option in the current scenario.

Aesthetic appeal – Beautiful gold necklaces, diamond earrings, and gold bracelets make superb gifts for the family and of course, are visually very appealing. You can wear them, gift them, flaunt them and at the same time, feel secure in the knowledge that you’ve purchased something that will grow in value over time.

Independent Global Pricing Market – Gold prices follow similar trends worldwide so buying and selling gold jewelry in any part of the world is simple. You will not have to wade through government red-tapism if you need to sell gold, unlike real estate and other investments.

Stable Investment – When you buy a piece of gold jewelry, you know that it is an asset purchase. It does not depreciate. When the dollar takes a hit, gold and diamonds fluctuate only slightly, and that too in the very short term. Gold prices stubbornly just keep rising, making it a secure investment!

The Emotional Connect – Jewelry holds sentimental value as it is usually gifted on a special occasion by someone dear to you. Wearing jewelry will usually remind you of the story and people connected with it, leaving you feeling happy and uplifted. You can always pass jewelry on to family member as a treasured memory.

Buying gold jewelry is a sensible choice today. When the global economy is struggling to stay afloat, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have far greater risks. Also, gold jewelry enjoys a unique dynamic of immediate personal satisfaction and a sense of well-being. With a huge range of options, you will certainly find gold jewelry to suit your budget – however big or small. After all, “chocolates get eaten and flowers die, but jewelry is forever”!

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