10 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2021 – All under $500!

With Mother’s Day round the corner, I’m sure you are on the lookout for the perfect gift to express your love. In the pandemic-era, mothers are happiest just knowing that they are doing a good job!

For some, managing a home with erratic grocery supplies, juggling kids’ online study classes while trying to work a job in a chaotic environment is challenging and all they need is to know they are appreciated.

For others, they just want to know they are missed and longed for – government norms, social distancing guidelines and health and safety concerns have not allowed many to meet their parents for a long time.

Mother’s Day is your chance to tell her how much she means to you. Fine jewelry never fails to win over a woman, so what could be a better gift idea! Here we’ve put together a list of some gorgeous jewelry that you can gift your mother this Mother’s Day.

14K gold personalised Hebrew Name necklace – $473

A customized necklace with the names of the family written in the Hebrew script – just a reminder of the strong bond of family…

14K gold heart Shaped pendant that calls out to Mom! – $340

This stunning pendant shaped like a heart has the word mom written in Hebrew within it. After all, mom is not just a word, it’s an emotion….

14K Gold and Garnet Earrings – $411

Perfect for daily wear, these striking hoop earrings will look wonderful on your mom. The warm colours of rose gold and red garnet also reflect the warmth of your love.

14K Gold Mom Ring – $359

A ring that calls out to your mom – whenever she glances at it on her finger, she will be filled with wonderful thoughts of her children and that’s sure to bring out a smile. A great way to make sure your mother smiles often!

14K Gold and Pearl Earrings – $345

Few things spell timeless charm as well as pearls do. These dangling gold and pearl earrings exude elegance and is sure to win your mom’s heart!

Diamond Star of David with Shema Yisrael Pendant – $405

Fusing two powerful Jewish symbols of protection, this pendant shows how much you care for your mother’s well-being. On Mother’s Day this year, this precious pendant is sure to light up her heart!

Rose Gold Love Pendant – $374

Ahava – the Hebrew word for love is carved out here in a warm rose gold. A pendant sits close to the heart and is sure to be a loving reminder of you to your mom.

Ring in Rose Gold with Red Garnets – $492

Red is the universal colour of love and the garnet is known to have healing properties, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Hamsa Pendant in Gold with Roman Glass – $466

Hamsa depicts the protective hand of God and this pendant speaks volumes as a Mother’s Day gift. It ensures that your mother is protected and is symbolic of the protection that she has always given you as a mother. The beautiful Roman glass in the centre adds a unique charm.

Diamond Star of David Pendant – $379

A pendant that oozes elegance and class, this Star of David has a heart encrusted with dazzling diamonds. The blue enamel lends it a royal feel. Your mother will fondly think of you as she proudly wears this beautiful piece of fine jewely.

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