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Silver and Gold Ruby Ani L'dodi Jewish Wedding Ring$369
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14k White Gold Jerusalem Star of David Pendant$324
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Gold Plated Hebrew Script Eternity Name Necklace$64
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Silver and Gold Garnet Protection Kabbalah Earrings$126
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14k Gold Decorative Shema Yisrael Ring$385
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Jewish Jewelry and Judaica Gifts


Welcome to Baltinester Jewelry; a Jewish Jewelry and Judaica Gifts online store website. For those of you who are returning customers, shopping for jewelry – and there are many – we wish you welcome back. For newcomers – we're happy to have you here at the greatest one-stop-shop for any Jewish jewelry and Judaica Gifts you may be looking to find at a great price.

Here on the site we sell the Jewish jewelry we've been well-known for, going on over 60 years now! We always do our best to maintain our reputation for great service and fair prices. Feel free to contact us with any question or request regarding our jewelry and Judaica collection, we're always here for you, always happy to be at your service whether online or in person.

Judaica Jewelry

The 1950s onwards have been an age where the popularity of Judaica Jewelry has steadily increased. After World War II, the Holocaust, and the establishment of the State of Israel, many people wanted to present their Judaism externally as well as internally. After the attempt to annihilate the Jewish people, Jews worldwide felt – more than ever before – proud to have their own country. It's because of this sentiment that many forms of Jewish Jewelry are available today.

We sell jewelry such as:

  • Jerusalem Pendants and other Jerusalem Jewelry
  • Chai Pendants – "Chai" meaning "alive" in Hebrew
  • Mezuzah Pendants
  • Ancient coin jewelry, set with coins from the Second Temple period – a very unique form of Jewish Jewelry
  • Hamsa Pendants
  • Israeli jewelry
  • And more

Baltinester Jewelry Specialty

In addition to Jewish jewelry and Jewish pendants, we also have a vast range of gold Jewish wedding rings, handmade gold jewelry, handmade silver jewelry, a variety of Roman glass jewelry, and more. Our range of Judaica jewelry is great! so whenever you're looking for special Israeli jewelry - look for Baltinester Jewelry.


  • Barry, UK 19/8/2013

    We have been completely satisfied with the entire process from ordering to arrival of our rings.
    Baltinester was quick to respond whether through email or by phone making the design of our custom rings easy and ordering simple.
    Response time was nearly immediate.
    Our rings are beautifully crafted and have quickly become some of our favorite pieces of jewelry.

  • Steve, Thailand 9/5/2013

    WOW.....WOW.......WOW........! This time you have excelled yourself in producing something of beauty and truly reminiscent of one of the wonders of Jerusalem.
    Many thanks, you are a brilliant craftsman!

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