Star of David Necklace: A Buyer’s Guide

Star of David Necklace

The Star of David or Magen David (meaning “the Shield of David”) has been an undisputed symbol of the Jewish faith for centuries and is also featured on the National Flag of Israel. A symbol of unity and hope for the followers of Judaism, the Star of David is a sacred symbol found on the metal shield of King David which is believed to have blessed him with Divine protection leading to innumerable victories. Rich in symbolism, the Star of David necklace has since been worn by Jews as an armor blessed by the Almighty.

Shape of the Star of David Necklace

The Jewish Star of David comprises two fused triangles – one pointing upwards (to G-D) and the other downwards (to mankind), signifying the relationship between the Almighty and his people. The outer perimeter of the Star is composed of 12 lines which possibly symbolize the Original 12 Tribes of Israel. Each of the Star’s ends points to one of the six directions – north, south, east, west, up and down, representing G-D’s supreme power all over the Universe.

The Star of David necklace is widely worn as a pendant on a chain around the neck by Jews worldwide. Available in the huge variety of materials, the most popular are gold Star of David necklace pendant and silver Star of David necklace pendant. They also make beautiful Jewish gifts.

Spiritual Significance of the Star of David Necklace

The Star of David comprises seven sections, one compartment of each of the six sides and the seventh in the centre. Each of these are deeply significant in correlation to traits that Jewish people should aspire to attain and imbibe.

Foundation: The Central hexagon is the inner core, a firm foundation of faith on which rests everything else.

Goodness: The upwards pointing triangle symbolizes the good deeds of man that go to heaven and the triangle pointing represents the numerous blessings that are showered on earth.

Strength: The strength of setting boundaries and understanding the dual nature of good and evil is depicted in the Star of David’s shape.

Struggle: The Star of David represents the thousand of years of struggle that the Jews have endured including the horrific tortures of the Nazis in the Holocaust. Now the Star of David stands as a symbol of heroism, bravery and martyrdom.

Connection: All the triangles are entwined with each other signifying every aspect of the human body and soul is connected to the Almighty.

Good Luck: King David is credited with many spectacular victories thanks to the protection he received from the Almighty. The Jewish Star emblem was featured on his circular metal shield.

Unity: The Star of David was incorporated in the Flag of Israel making it a form of identity and a symbol of unity for Jews.

Star of David Necklace Options to Wear Everyday

Gold Star of David

The Star of David necklace is a quintessential symbol of the Jewish faith. Several Jews across the world like to wear the symbol as a pendant believing it to protect them from harmful energies. The Star of David, being the symbol of victory, is also believed to bring good luck and success to the wearer. If you would like to wear it as a protective talisman, investing in a solid gold Star of David necklace is advisable. Gold, being durable and skin-friendly, is the most preferred metals for regular wear jewelry.

Silver Star of David

Worn as an amulet for protection as well as a trendy modern accessory, the Jewish symbol is highly popular in silver Star of David necklace options. Silver as a metal is more lightweight than gold and also very durable. It is the perfect metal to work with to create beautiful intricate detailed designs. This is why silver jewelry has a huge variety in terms of design and workmanship. The ancient art of Yemenite filigree detailing is best seen in silver jewelry. Additionally, silver is more affordable, making it an excellent gift option for friends and family.

Diamond Star of David

If diamonds are your thing, you can opt for a Star of David necklace set with diamonds. They make stunning daily wear accessories that express your faith. Pay close attention to the shape of the diamonds that make up the Magen David when selecting your diamond Star of David pendant. When assembled in this way, pendants made of kite diamonds will shine more brilliantly than a Magen David composed of round diamonds. Even in the hexagonal shape of the Star of David, a kite diamond will always be the centre of attention in the pendant and retain its uniqueness.

How to Select the Right Star of David Necklace for Yourself

1. Size of the Pendant – The Magen David is a powerful image which rules in all six directions—North, South, East, West, up, and down—representing the authority of God over Earth. Due to its symbolic meaning, you should choose a Magen David pendant that is both recognizable and comfortable. Since you would be wearing it, it should blend in with your style – large and chunky or elegant chic or small and delicate. There are options for all.

2. The Metal – Whether you opt for gold or silver really depends on your taste and budget. Both gold and silver are durable and can be worn for long periods of time. Based on the costs, you can take a call on the metal you would like.

3. Stone Setting – You can choose to have the Star of David with diamonds or even your birthstone. When going for a custom-made piece, the options are endless!

Wear the Star of David necklace with honor and pride! If you are looking for a special design, just reach out and we will create your dream piece for you.

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