Jewish Jewelry Holiday Gifting Trends We Love in 2022

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Getting into the Holiday spirit? We’re sure you are making your lists, getting gifts for your friends, and family, and of course, getting a little something to pamper yourself too! It’s been over two years since the pandemic changed things and we’re just returning to holiday gifting as we knew it. We are all feeling blessed to have our loved ones around us and want to make them feel special in every way. And there’s no better way to express your love than with jewelry!

It can be challenging to include thoughtfulness in your holiday present, so it’s vital to get started early. Consider who you are giving the gift to and what feelings you want to create. You can never go wrong with gifting a piece of jewelry – it’s sure to make anyone smile! What’s the perfect pick? How do you decide what to buy? Here’s our go-to guide on Jewish jewelry gifts that are trending this season.

Thoughtfulness is key: Jewish jewelry with symbols is in

It is not really the size of the gift that matters. What’s most important is the thought that’s gone behind selecting the gift. You just didn’t buy something off-the-rack that will sit on their shelves collecting dust. You put a lot of thought into what they like, what is important to them, and what they will actually use. You also want to get something that they do not have already. Your thought is what will show in the gift that you select. Getting a piece of Jewish jewelry with a symbol that’s close to their heart is a great gift idea!

The next obvious question is – what symbol should you choose? It is actually quite simple. Think about the person and their beliefs. You are obviously buying Jewish jewelry for someone you love and know well.

If it’s a gift for your mom, getting a ring with the ‘Woman of Valor’ quote in Hebrew will show her how much you respect her.

Your wife will be extremely happy if you gifted her a pendant with the ‘Ani ledodi Vidodi li’ which expresses your love for her.

A great gift for dad will be a money clip with a Jewish symbol on it. You also opt for a pair of cufflinks with pieces of ancient Roman glass in them as a reminder of the Holy Land.

A Jewish bracelet with a Hebrew prayer will make an excellent gift for the holidays for your husband.

If you are visiting close friends or family over the holidays, you can choose to buy something special like a piece of silver Judaica for their home. You can select from a pair of candlesticks, a Mezuzah for the door, a Menorah, etc.

Personalized Jewish Jewelry adds a special touch

There’s nothing a person likes to hear more than the sound of his or her own name. It’s as personal as it gets and a piece of jewelry with a person’s name on it is sure to be treasured forever. A great way to personalize a gift is to add a name to a piece of jewelry. You can choose to create a personalized name necklace or a personalized name bracelet in gold. Another option is to gift a pair of cufflinks with a name initial on them.

A personalized present is a wonderful way to show how considerate you are. Any memorable event, person, or phrase can be incorporated into it. A personalized present will be exciting for the recipient to receive and unwrap. Whatever it is, the personalization will make it one-of-a-kind and distinctive.

Personalized Name JewelryThe best part about personalized jewelry is you can get any personalization you like. You can choose to have an important date, a special place, a shared quote, or anything that is of significance inscribed onto a piece of jewelry. It just makes the gift that much more meaningful.

Gift-ready packaging: Jewish Jewelry comes in packaging that’s gift ready

One of the tasks of getting holiday gifts also involves wrapping them well. After all, a gift should look exciting and special. If you prefer spending quality time with your family rather than spend it on endless hours at the table struggling with wrapping paper and tape, get gifts that are already packaged well.

Jewish jewelry gifts at our store are all elegantly gift-packaged. Gift-ready packaging definitely reduces the stress of holiday gifting. We also give you special bags for the jewelry you buy so all you need to do is gift it to the person. It is all ready for gifting – you have nothing to worry about!

The 4 Basics of Gifting Jewish Jewelry

When you are sure you want to give a jewelry gift this holiday season, all your need to do is answer these 4 quick questions in your head:

  • – Who is the gift for? Your relationship with the person is important.
  • – What is your theme for the gift? You want to select a piece of jewelry with a symbol maybe that is special to the person. It may be the Star of David or the Hamsa or even a prayer.
  • – What is your budget? You need to have an idea of the kind of money you can allot for the gift. Jewelry gifts can be in silver, gold, or even with diamonds depending on what your pocket permits.
  • – How are you sending the gift? If you are giving the gift to somebody far away, you need to take the shipping time into account when planning a gift.

Once you have these answers, selecting a Jewish jewelry gift becomes so much easier.

Jewish Jewelry gifts

People are cherishing moments with loved ones this time after years of COVID protocols and separation, therefore presents that stir memories and stimulate emotions are popular. Jewish jewelry comes up as a trending gift solution! Browse through our curated selection of jewelry and Judaica to select gifts that you like. We specialize in custom-made jewelry so if there is anything you have in mind, just reach out to us and we will customize the piece of jewelry just for you.



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