Mother’s Day Gift – How to Select the Perfect One

Mother’s Day is coming up soon – it is that designated day of the year when you know you just have to tell your mom how special she is and how much you care. But how do you do it? What will you get her as a gift? Nothing measures up to the unending love that she has showered on you. After all, what can you get someone who’s changed your diapers, put up with your teenage shenanigans and given you the best pieces of advice to take you through life? Flowers and cake are fine but this year, make your mother smile with a gift she will treasure for life.

Let us make this easy for you. You need to ask yourself 3 quick questions to decide what piece of jewelry would be ideal for your mother.

1. What is your mother like?

Jewelry is for everyone but the style and personality of a person determines the kind of design you should go for. Does your mom prefer classic and timeless or trendy and contemporary? 

If your mother is all about understated elegance, you can opt for a Mother’s Day gift like a pair of pearl earrings or a diamond studded pendant. For the fashion-conscious mom, you can try jewelry with colourful gemstones like a bold cocktail ring or a chunky bracelet.

2. Does your mother have a favorite gemstone?

If your mother likes colorful gemstones, think about a Mother’s Day gift with her choice of stone. You can opt for an emerald ring, a ruby pendant or a sapphire bracelet – the choices are endless. A great way to show a deeper connection is to gift jewelry studded with her birthstone. Alternatively, you could always go for diamond jewelry – after all, diamonds can make any woman smile!

3. Does your mother prefer a particular shade of gold?

Gold is available in a variety of shades. If your mom likes it traditional, opt for a Mother’s Day gift in yellow gold. You can try jewelry in white gold for that contemporary touch. More recently, rose gold (also called pink gold) has come very popular for jewelry with a vintage look.

Once you have you your answers to the above, we have some specific Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas for you to look over:

Mom Themed JewelryThe one word that encompasses myriad emotions is ‘mom’. It’s all about patience, sacrifice, care, support, affection, and most importantly, its about love. A pendant or a ring with the word ‘mom’ engraved means so much. 

Heart Themed Jewelry – Nothing expresses love better than the world’s most recognised symbol, the heart. You can gift your mom a heart pendant or a charm bracelet with a heart to show your love. 

Key to the Heart Jewelry – You can take it up a notch by selecting a gift for your mother that features the “key to your heart” symbol. It expresses your love for your mother beautifully.

Family Themed Jewelry – Necklaces that celebrate the whole family are a huge hit as Mother’s Day gifts. You can have a customized piece made with the names or initials of all the family members for her to wear. After all, a mother holds the full family together.

New Mom Jewelry – For new mommies, pendants shaped like little boys or little girls with their names on it make excellent Mother’s Day gifts to celebrate this beautiful addition to their lives.

Monogram Jewelry A piece of jewelry that features your mother’s or your initials makes a thoughtful gift. A pendant with children’s initials is something precious to hold on to till a mother meets her children again.

The most important thing to remember is to get your mom a Mother’s Day gift she will love and not something that just you love. Keep her taste in mind when selecting your mom’s jewelry gift.

Browse our various jewelry collections and feel free to reach out if you need something customized – we will be happy to design a gift for mom!

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