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Ancient Coin Jewelry

These coins are from the eras of the Romans and Greeks which occupied Israel. Some were minted by them and some by the Israelite rebels that yearned for their freedom. Every authentic piece of ancient coin jewelry tells a story of our rich history.
We take the ancient coin and set it in gold or silver, then make that setting part of a pendant, a bracelet, a ring, or a pair of cufflinks. This creates a truly original piece of history.
Looking for a unique gift that combines beauty with ancient history; a gift that will turn heads and start conversations, a gift that captures the magic of the Holy Land? Look no further than Ancient Coin Jewelry.

What is the age of our ancient coin jewelry?

When archaeologists were digging in Israel uncovering the ancient sites, they found many coins. Baltinester was able to obtain some of these to use in our ancient coin jewelry. The earliest one we have is over 2000 years old, dating back to the reign of Alexander the Great.

Which piece of ancient coin jewelry  is right for you?

Each piece of our ancient coin jewelry is placed in different settings and each one is appropriate for a particular person. A woman will love a pendant or bracelet. A man will appreciate it set in a gold ring, cufflinks, or Tallit Clips to accompany him to synagogue. Are they considered Jewish Jewelry? Most definitely yes, for they help us to connect to our history in the land of Israel. When you purchase an item of ancient coin jewelry, you take a piece of antiquity with you.