Selecting the Best Jewish Wedding Ring: A Symbol of the Sacred

The Jewish Wedding Ring is a sacred aspect of a traditional ceremony, grounding it in a rich and ancient Jewish cultural landscape. By tradition, the bride and groom

stand together under the chuppah, the Jewish wedding canopy. The groom hands over the
ring to the bride; the gesture symbolizes their holy union in accordance with the laws of Moshe and Yisrael.
As per the norms of orthodox Jewish culture, the ring is smooth and crafted with gold. Certain traditions,
however, only insist on the inside being smooth, and that there are no stones. A smooth ring represents prosperity,
with God looking over a committed marriage that is free of strife and despair.

On the other hand, many modern Jewish traditions acknowledge the timeless truism of that old phrase, “diamonds are forever”.
Thus, contemporary weddings have come to accept diversity within sacred Jewish heritage.
There are even double-ring ceremonies where the Jewish wedding rings adorn the
right index finger, instead of the customary “left ring finger” since it represents the
closest bloodline to the heart. Once the ceremony is over, one may resume the tradition of wearing the ring on the ring finger.

Although Jewish customs have stood the test of time, there are no hard and fast rules
about what constitutes a great Jewish wedding ring. There are stunning wedding rings in gold and silver,
often beautifully decorated with gems and diamonds, made for both men and women.
The choices are plenty, and it is up to the couple to choose the ring that captures the essence of their sacred union.

Simple, Beautiful Wedding Bands

Keep it simple, keep it classy. Wedding bands look gorgeous when they’re carrying elegant patterns.
Decorative additions can really enhance the feeling of wearing a ring.
14k gold rings are often the perfect choice for an elegant wedding: woven from the fabric of Jewish culture,
but carrying a modern touch when decorated with distinct designs.


Hammered Yellow Gold Wedding Band Laser Engraved - Baltinester Jewelry

Leave No Stones Unturned 

With diamonds, gemstones, rubies, or sapphires, your ring sparkles and radiates beauty, turning your wedding into a beautiful dreamscape. Orthodox law states that rings carrying stones must not be used for the ceremony under the chuppah, but the happily married couple are free to switch to their gorgeous selection once the wedding is complete. What better way to seal your devotion than to adorn your ring with wonderful diamonds?

Seven Blessings

During the chuppah, seven blessings are uttered to mark the end of the ceremony. This is an integral part of the ceremony, as it symbolizes gratitude to God for bringing the man and woman together for a lifetime. Seven Blessing rings are specially designed to celebrate this occasion, bringing together seven spinning bands. Each one of these bands can be singled out to go with the blessing during the chuppah. Seven Blessing rings are a lovely addition to your wedding ceremony.


“I am to my beloved, as my beloved is to me”

  • Think long-term. Your choice of ring is not just for the wedding ceremony, it is for your lifetime. Your marriage transcends the wedding, and so does your ring when you wear your faith. The decision is made in a moment, but the ring is a lifelong companion.

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