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What Makes Hebrew Jewelry So Special and Unique?

Hebrew jewelry is special

It has a unique and distinct look that makes it one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry all over the world

Jewelry is part of our everyday attire. Men and women have their own taste when it comes to jewelry. Furthermore, jewelry from every region of the world has its own discrete charm. However, when it comes to Hebrew jewelry, there is much more than just beautiful designs and colors.

Jewish Jewelry

What makes Jewish jewelry so special is the fact that each piece carries a unique and special meaning. It is not only a beautiful ornament, but also brings spiritual wholeness, happiness and health.

Jewish jewelry comes in distinct shapes and forms. It is mostly made in geometric shapes as it holds a special spiritual and religious significance. In addition, it is also symbolic, and the designs uphold Jewish history and traditions. In short, Hebrew jewelry is a combination of fashion, culture and religion, all brought together in the form of stunning pieces of jewelry.

Original Hebrew jewelry has been made in Israel for over half a century now. The craftsmanship of the jewelry makers is commendable. They have developed their skills over the years, capturing the true sense of Judaism in their designs and work. The Jewish community all over the world loves giving Hebrew jewelry as a gift to each other to show their love and good wishes.

But, What Makes Hebrew Jewelry So Unique?

Every person who visits Israel brings home souvenirs from the holy land. One of the most popular souvenirs is Jewish jewelry. From a red Kabbalistic string to a big Star of David, an evil eye bracelet or a chai charm piece, Hebrew jewelry is the most sought-after Israeli souvenir.

But what is it that makes it so distinct and unique?Let’s find out.

Unique Designs

If you are someone who loves wearing stunning statement designs, then you must check out Hebrew jewelry. It can be worn with any outfit and can give you a graceful look. Its designs mostly consist of Jewish symbols; hence, it has a mystic and enigmatic appeal.

Opt for a bright and bold design, or choose something subtle and monochromatic— you will find everything in the Hebrew jewelry collection. In addition, Israeli rings are also very popular because of their unique look and spiritual appeal.

Different materials, stones, patterns and colors are used in Hebrew jewelry; hence, such jewelry is used to reflect the personal style and taste of the wearer. You can wear these designs every day and they will become a part of your personality.

Sentimental Value

The sentimental value attached with Hebrew jewelry makes it one of a kind. Every piece of jewelry carries a deep spiritual meaning. This attaches sentimental value to Jewish jewelry, which is why Jews and people from other religions buy it.

Giving or receiving Hebrew jewelry as a gift has sentimental value. It always comes with a special heartfelt message that brings happiness, health, good luck and blessings to the wearer. You will also find a number of Jewish jewelry pieces that have prayers written on it. Wearing it close to your heart represents faith, belief, feelings and memories.

Jewish Identity

While Hebrew jewelry has unique designs and sentimental value, many people adorn it because it showcases their religious and cultural identity.Wearing something like a Star of David, Hamsa or Chai around the fingers, wrist, neck or ears signifies your faith and how much it means to you. For people of the faith, Hebrew jewelry is a source of identification that they wear proudly every day

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While Hebrew jewelry has unique designs and sentimental value, many people adorn it because it showcases their religious and cultural identity. Wearing something like a Star of David, Hamsa or Chai around the fingers, wrist, neck or ears signifies your faith and how much it means to you. For people of the faith, Hebrew jewelry is a source of identification that they wear proudly every day.

But, do you have to travel all the way to Israel to buy Hebrew jewelry and Israeli rings?

Certainly not.

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Established in 1949, Baltinester Jewelry LTD is one of the oldest jewelry stores located in the heart of Jerusalem. All of our jewelry is handmade with the finest craftsmanship that brings stunning designs to our clients.

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 Jewish jewelry holds a special place in the hearts of the Jewish community all around the world. Jewish jewelry carries spiritual upliftment, pure meaning and also a touch of holiness. It is considered a great gift as it comes with a lot of good wishes. It is the perfect combination of faith and beauty and has stunning designs with immaculate artwork.

Baltinester Jewelry LTD offers a mix of classic and contemporary designs created by leading artists from Israel. What makes us popular is the premium quality materials, quality of service and specialty of designs that we offer.

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A Guide to Buying Jewish Earrings

Earrings are an important part of your outfit. They make your simple look bold and classy, provided you choose the right style. Pair them up with plain, casual, funky and formal outfits to introduce sensuality and elegance.

Let’s see how you can find the perfect earrings for that next major event. How about you gift them to your best friend when they move into their new house or tie the knot?



Studs are a classic, and you can’t go wrong with them, regardless of your face shape. They usually feature a stone that is attached to a post, supported by a screw or plastic backing. Available in various sizes, colors and stones, studs make a great gift for a birthday, engagement or anniversary.


Hoop style earrings are available in numerous sizes and are the perfect choice if you want a feminine touch. Whatever you choose depends on your personal taste, but generally, hoops are more appropriate for cocktail parties and night out with friends. . Smaller hoops are more sophisticated, whereas larger hoops are often perceived as a fashionable accessory.


Drop style Jewish earrings look elegant, but choose a size that goes with the shape of your face. Generally, bigger drops are adorned with more stones and are ideal for formal events .


Jewish earrings are available in so many materials that it can certainly be hard to make a choice. If you want something traditional and elegant, sterling silver is probably the best choice. Should you want exclusive Jewish earrings, you may want to choose white gold.


Jewish jewelry is often adorned with gems such as amethyst, garnet, ruby and diamond. For everyday wear, smaller gems introduce an interesting spark, and for more special occasions, you can try wearing bigger stones.

The 14k Gold Pomegranate Garnet Earrings are a funky choice. If you want something more sophisticated, consider the beautifully elegant Diamond Heart Star of David Earrings featuring plain and studded hearts in place of the traditional six cornered stars.

Face Shape

Jewish earrings can be experimented with. Most earrings suit those who have an oval shaped face. For a round face, choose a teardrop style and for square faces, go with oval or round earrings.

Baltinester Jewelry LTD has a wide collection of earrings, from simple to intricately fancy designs. Whether you want simple studs or dangling loops, you’re sure to find something that would look amazing with your attire. Check out our Jewish earrings collection today! 




Men’s Jewelry: A Simple Guide

Men's Jewish Jewelry | Ani Ledodi
Men’s Ani Ledodi Ring

Jewish Jewelry Mezuzah with Chai | Baltinester Jewelry LTD

Jewish jewelry for men is popular all over the world. These days, you come across so many men who wear a ring, pendant, bracelet or another statement piece can be divided into several product categories like cuff links, tie pins, rings and pendants.

Baltinester Jewelry LTD has a large range of Jewish jewelry for men such as Hebrew rings and bracelets, available at our online store! Our collection includes products of renowned brands and work of talented designers. Check out our complete range of men’s jewelry.

Watches Men's Watches | Baltinester Jewelry

A watch is one of the most common jewelry items but this particular item is considered Hebrew Jewelry because of the Hebrew lettering on its face. Often perceived as a status symbol, watches are available in many different designs for both the dials and straps. For it to look classy, the watch you choose must fit your wrist size perfectly. Leather watches, such as the Aleph Bet Hebrew Watch, are ideal for daily wear and casual occasions. Depending on their quality, you may even be able to pull off these watches for formal events. Metallic band and chain watches are also suitable for formal wear.


Bracelets can easily be stacked on top of each other. Multiple pieces are often worn together to create a unique look. But if you truly want the piece to stand out, don’t wear too many bracelets together, or it will spoil the look.

If you’re wearing a watch, wear bracelets that work well with your watch, because the two will often be seen together. Wooden and leather bracelets are often paired with casual and business attire. You can wear three of these together if the colors are complementary. In case you want a more formal look, go with metal bracelets; wear only one of these at any given instance. The 14k Gold Mezuzah Name Bracelet is perfect for any occasion.

Rings Men's Jewish Jewelry | Baltinester Jewelry

Many men already wear Hebrew Jewelry like their wedding rings. If you want, you can add more to personalize the look, but don’t go overboard with rings as well. Rings are mostly made from metal, and should complement other accessories that you’re wearing. 

The 14k Yellow Gold Onyx Star of David Ring features the David Star across a black onyx. On the sides, two Judah Lions are engraved. Feel fierce and feel the power as you put on this stunningly beautiful Hebrew ring. If you want something less fancy, you can go with a simple band such as the 14k White Gold Ani L’dodi Ring, featuring a biblical verse.

Pendants Jewish Jewelry | Baltinester Jewelry LTD

Pendants should accent your outfit and personality in a subtle manner. If you choose to wear them to the office, only stick to metallic chains. Hebrew name necklaces and pendants are a hot selling item on our online store.

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The Significance of Hebrew Name Necklaces

Hebrew Name Necklaces

We like seeing our names on things, from bracelets, to the inner part of our rings, to necklaces. It gives a more personal touch to our jewelry, a beautiful sense of ownership. Which is why it comes as no surprise, that Hebrew name necklaces are such a thing right now.   In Judaism, your name is important, whether it is your birth given name, or your nickname. It carries your identity, and according to the Judaic cultures and beliefs, it defines a person’s character and personality.


Perfect for gifting apart from them being perfect for you to go with your dresses and cute sweaters, Hebrew jewelry could also make for a very thoughtful gift. Whether for a Bat Mitzvah; that special twelfth birthday, or for a wedding party, a graduation, or any kind of celebration really. They show a close relationship between you and the person you are gifting, and how special they are to you. Cool thing is, you can even put their nickname on it, or that name that only the two of you know, to make it more special to them.

Unique Necklace

Now, we all know that most name necklaces are in English and its alphabets, so having jewelry that is made in Israel, like a Hebrew name necklace would really stand out and be unique. It would bring you closer to your culture, no matter which part of the world you are in. It is a show of your heritage, and the pride that you have in it. It would remind you of your deep-rooted culture, and maybe even introduce you to other Jewish people around your area.

A Sense of Style

In Jewish culture, tzniut means modesty, which is a virtue that most Jewish people strive to have. Humility is key. But Jewish women have found a way to remain modest, while still remembering that they are beautiful beings with amazing features. They have not forsaken their beauty, sense of fashion and style altogether, and still find their own ways to keep up with worldwide fashion trends, tweaking it to make it their own. Whether it is in how their dresses are cut and their skirts designed, to how they wear their Jewish jewelry.

Symbol of Character

It’s a perfect accessory, and it also serves other purposes. These are such as improving the wearer’s self-esteem, developing their identity and their understanding of it, and working on improving their relationship with tzniut. After all, modesty is interpreted by the woman herself and what it means to her. We can see that not only are Hebrew name necklaces a great accessory to have for both genders, they also hold a deeper meaning that reflects on the identity and culture of the wearer. They also serve as a great gift to show the strength of the bond between two people, whether in marriage, family or friendship. They can be customized into anything the wearer desires, whether as initials, a nickname or a symbolism of a name. These precious ornaments add that elegant touch to your look, and at the same time keep you up to par with worldwide trends. Name necklaces are sure to be remain stylish through the seasons.

Turn to Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica for quality and affordable Hebrew jewelry, and get yours today.

Why People Wear Kabbalah jewelry

Kabbalah jewelry

has its origins from the Judaic and Israeli cultures, and it has different meanings and purposes for the Jewish people. Each piece, be it a pendant, talisman, amulet, necklace, bracelet or ring, holds a symbolic meaning and deep intention to bring blessings and charm into your life.   Kabbalah considers Jewish prayers for success, good luck, security, health, wealth, protection and guidance, so the jewels are integrated with sentences from it.Kabbalah Jewelry | Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica They therefore make excellent gifts for family and friends since they symbolize your good wishes for them and theirs. Coincidentally, the term also means receiving, which refers to receiving the truths behind Jewish traditions. It’s a mystical representation and interpretation of the Old Testament, that reveals the message of God to the world.  The adornments have a wide range, and one among them is the silver ring, made with five metals to give success to whoever wears it. The Ana Becoach ring is used as a powerful success symbol, courage and protection. The Tree of Life pendant is a symbol of life, unity and love, its trunk, branches and leaves each holding a different meaning.  A Message to your Beloved When gifting someone you love, you can choose something with a personal meaning to them to show that you wish them love, hope, prosperity, and well-being. There is a deep belief that this jewelry can impact an individual’s life positively. By harnessing the power of spiritual ornamentation,

Kabbalah Jewelry | Baltinester Jewelry & Judaicait brings those wearing it good tidings and blessings.  The Merkaba Pendant itself symbolizes healing and protection for a healthy, loving and balanced life. It gives the potential to create our desired reality. The Abundance Pendant is sacred, symbolizing creating abundance by using the power of good. The Ka Earring with Zircons is meant to empower its wearer with creativity,

fertility and an increase in life forces. Another piece of jewelry in its range is the Key of Success. This is the Jewish symbol for good luck and success, so imagine how thoughtful it would be to give a loved one this right before a big pitch. I most definitely think they’ll get that promotion they’ve wanted for so long, don’t you?  There are so many variations in the jewelry line, each with its own unique meaning and blessing. People wear these pieces for all these reasons, and many more personal ones. At Baltinester Jewelry, we have been in the business for 70 years, catering to all our esteemed client’s needs. These pieces are a sign of tradition, heritage and excellence. We wear our Jewish pride and are more than happy to help you do the same with just the right piece, and for those you love too. Our jewelry is hand crafted in Jerusalem, serving generations and next generations of clients. Ours is a light unto the nations, if we can call it so. Do pay us a visit, and don’t worry if you are not in our vicinity, we have an online store! Check out for all your Kabbalah jewelry, and much more.


The Unexpected Meaning Behind Jewish Jewelry & Judaica

Jewish Jewelry 

Jewish jewelry is completely unique in its design and bound by religious significance. Throughout the 2,000 years in the Diaspora, it happened to be that these unusual symbols marked and identified Jewish families, that kept their ancient culture alive. For many centuries, people all around the globe have been captivated by the artistic appeal, historical importance, and the spiritual symbolism expressed by the jewelry worn by the Jewish people. Jewish jewelry | Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica

The timelessness of Jewish jewelry has grown extraordinarily prevalent recently, because of the wide array of styles, shapes and accessible materials. Whether you are buying a present for a special someone, a wedding ring for your spouse or a new partner to assist you to express yourself, jewelry & Judaica offers a countless variety of options.

Right now, there are many wonderful online stores and retail shops which sell Jewish necklaces, Jewish wedding rings, earrings and Jewish bracelets at very attractive prices. You ought to have no difficulty at all finding that excellent accessory to present to that special someone. There is nothing as important like having a piece of jewelry which is steeped in spiritual significance and biblical tradition. Whether worn as a noble symbol of your faith or a way to emphasize a fashionable outfit, this piece of jewelry will undoubtedly get spotted and appreciated.

There is a sentimental significance in owning a memorable piece of Jewish craftsmanship. The piece symbolizes spiritual values and freedom of Jewish traditions everywhere. The moment you put on this exquisite piece of jewelry you are illustrating your beliefs in a distinct way. Numerous traditional Jewish families like to pass down a magnificent piece from one generation to the next. But people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds have begun to appreciate the sacred embellishment of this ancient and beautiful culture.


The “Star of David,” is among the most significant symbols in all Jewish religion and culture. This symbol is a hexagram shaped having 2 equilateral triangles. At times this memorable icon is also known as the “Shield of David.” This distinct symbol appears on the Jewish flag, in synagogues, Hebrew jewelry and on head stones in a Jewish cemetery. It is an antique symbol, but it was not regularly used by the Jewish people till the idle Ages. Now it’s the most identifiable symbol of Jewish culture, and apparently the most renowned design for jewelry symbolism in the Hebrew culture.

The Jewish Menorah happens to be the most significant of the artifacts because it has been around for almost 3 millennia. Hence, it’s no wonder to know that the Menorah is the most conventional emblem of the present state of Israel. Additionally, the Mezuzah, a Hebrew parchment which can be seen at the door posts of Jewish homes. This is sealed within a decorated cover and then attached to the right side of the door frame. Attaching a Mezuzah is considered to guard

the home and its residents.

Other models of Jewish symbols which fall under the name of Jewish jewelry are the Solomon Seal talisman and Hamsa hand. While valuable in the spiritual application, these Judaica items are also created from expensive metals like real 24 Karat Gold, Sterling Silver or Pewter.

Generally, Jewish jewelry describes significant historical milestones &


Kabbalistic numbers. For example, the fingers of the Hamsa, the 6 tips of the “Star of David”, and the 7 candlesticks of the Menorah. All of them are intended to remind Jewish followers of their tradition and faith. That is, Jewish jewelry is the sort of charm bracelet, while silver necklaces and special talismans will make a significant gift. It’s our hope for the future, that these Jewish symbols will be crafted in the classical forms as it was intended.

To see these special items come visit our online store at: https://baltinester





Is Valentine’s Day Kosher?

Do Jews celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Considering the full title of the day is Saint Valentine’s Day, asking whether or not Jews celebrate it is a valid question. But is it really a Christian holiday? Would that matter anyway?

In general, to understand the “kosherness” (if you will) of Jewish participation in a non-Jewish or secular holiday, we look to the factual history of the day. Should the origins lie in forms of idolatry or anti-Semitism it would certainly not be apt for Jews to participate.

Luckily the research has been done for us, so let’s dive right into the origins of the day.

Who was St. Valentine?

Valentine’s Day was first instituted by the Catholic Pope over 1500 years ago. It was established as a day to commemorate the martyrdom of St. Valentine. But who was this St. Valentine? Without any historical verification, there is only an ancient legend about a priest named Valentine, who was killed by the Roman Emperor Claudius (before it became the “Holy” Roman Empire) for practicing his faith. (Sound familiar?)

While this legend sounds compelling as the origin for Valentine’s Day, we’re forced to admit that this certainly does not explain the day’s themes of love and romance.

Another theory for the true origin of the day, is that it was a Christian appropriation of an ancient Pagan fertility festival, reinvented as a Christian holiday to encourage conversions (

While this origin story does make sense with the themes of the day (love, fertility), it was, however, entirely debunked by literary scholars in the 20th century.

With virtually no historical evidence for the day, even the Catholic Church conceded to remove Valentine’s Day from the church’s calendar in 1969, cutting the holiday’s last ties with Christianity and officially dropping the “Saint” from the title.

Without the Christian association, what we’re left with is a secular holiday celebrating love. What could be the problem?

Is it Kosher?

There have been many Jewish responsa written in answer to the question of Jews celebrating non-Jewish holidays. However, the most relevant comes from the Rema (R’ Moses Isserles, Poland, 1520-1572). The Rema posits that if the practice is beneficial and logical, not done just out of religious decree, and widely followed independent of religious practice, then it is permissible to partake – as long as it is consistent with the Jewish faith (Elan Gilad,

So, does Valentine’s Day meet the criteria for Jewish participation?

It would definitely seem so.

Sending cards and giving chocolate and gifts are all beneficial practices with a logical basis. They are certainly not done out of a religious decree, as even the Catholic Church has cut all ties with the holiday. Furthermore, acts of love and kindness are part and parcel of the Jewish faith and value system.

With all this in mind, it would seem that Valentine’s Day is not only kosher, but perhaps admirable?

For those still not convinced, there is always the Jewish “Valentine’s Day”: Tu B’Av. Rooted in the Talmud as an ancient day of matchmaking, the 15th day of the Jewish month of Av has experienced something of a revival in modern Israel as a day celebrating love.

Whichever day you choose to celebrate, jewelry always makes the perfect gift. 😉

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Top 5 Jewish Wedding Gifts

One of the perks of Jewish weddings is the huge variety in gift ideas. Besides all the regular kitchen and home supplies, there’s an array of Judaica every Jewish home needs. If you’re not sure what to give, read on for some helpful tips.

1. Kiddush Cup

A Shabbat essential. A Kiddush cup makes an ideal gift because it will be used on a weekly basis. And every time it’s used, they’ll think of you.

Shop Kiddush cups.

2. Shabbat Candlesticks

Same story as Kiddush cups, Shabbat candlesticks will be used every Friday night. With so many choices in design and material, it’s easy to find a pair of candlesticks to match the bride’s personality.

Shop candlesticks.

3. Challah Board

A practical gift that often gets overlooked. Challah boards are elegant cutting boards used only for Shabbat. Get a matching knife and the set is complete.

Shop challah boards and knives.


4. Havdalah Set

Another piece of judaica used weekly, Havdalah sets are used exclusively for the closing ceremony right after Shabbat ends. Having a matching set makes the ritual that much more special.

Shop Havdalah sets.

5. Money/Gift Card in Increments of 18

Perfect for the couple who has everything, or has very specific taste. There’s a special tradition to always give money in multiples of 18, the numerical value of chai—”life.” Give a gift card to Baltinester and let them choose their perfect piece.

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The Benefits of Silver

Silver can be a bit controversial in the world of fine jewelry.

There are those high-end jewelers who would never dream of using silver and consider it the ‘metal of the masses’.

And then there’s free-thinking jewelers who have revolutionized the fine jewelry industry by choosing silver, rather than gold, as the metal of choice.


So who is right? Is silver too common for high-end use or is it the best kept secret of the jewelry industry?

In my opinion, silver is far from simply being an inexpensive alternative to gold. Silver has it’s own beauty, versatility and history which make it an exceptional choice for jewelry.

Extremely malleable and ductile, silver can be stretched thinner than a human hair. This makes it excellent for fine filigree work and ornate detailing. It is also prized for its beautiful luster – silver can be polished to a brighter sheen than any other metal.

Being one of the few noble metals, silver is very resistant to corrosion. It only tarnishes when coming in contact with sulfur, but luckily is easy to polish.

Another advantage of silver, which many people are unaware of, is its antibacterial properties. That’s right, silver can actually prevent bacterial illness and speed healing time!

An amazing metal full of surprises, I believe silver more than earns its place amongst high-end jewelry.


Shop silver jewelry and wear it proudly.

Learn how to care for silver jewelry and judaica in our buying guides here.

Ani Ledodi: The Power of Love

אני לדודי ודודי לי

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

Who hasn’t seen this quote at weddings, decorating the chuppah, the ketubah, the invitations, and even the couples’ wedding rings? There’s no question that it’s a beautiful sentiment and a popular choice. But as we all know, nothing in Judaism is without a deeper, hidden meaning. So, where does this famous Hebrew love verse come from and what does it really mean?

Ani Ledodi was written over 2000 years ago in the city of Jerusalem by the Jewish king of Israel himself, King Solomon. Solomon was actually a prolific writer, authoring many sagacious works which showcased his immense wisdom and insight. Perhaps the most well-known and well-read of his books is the poetic love story, Shir HaShirim, The Song of Songs.  As Rabbi Jack Abramowitz writes:

On the surface, it is a beautiful love story, at times bordering on erotic poetry. There would seem to be little place for such a thing in the Bible. And yet, the Mishna in Yadayim (3:5) says that the entire world was never more deserving than the day on which Shir HaShirim was given to Israel. Why? Because “all the Writings are holy, but Shir HaShirim is the holy of holies.”

He goes on to explain:

The Book is taken to be a metaphor for the relationship between G-d and Israel. In the metaphor, G-d plays the role of the man and Israel plays the woman. (This is a common metaphor; throughout the Bible, the relationship between G-d and Israel is described as a marriage, with the revelation at Sinai being the wedding.)

So, this immense work is full of beautiful verses poetically declaring the love and passion between G-d and Israel, or man and woman. But why is Ani Ledodi the most famous one of all?

 To start with, we need the baseline understanding that any text included in the Jewish Biblical canon (the Tanakh) was written with ruach hakodesh, Divine inspiration. The Song of Songs is no exception, and therefore nothing in the text is arbitrary or subject to the whims of mans’ interpretations. Any deeper meaning found within the text is there for a reason and meant to be found. Nothing in Tanakh is an accident.

With this understanding we can now look at a reason for why the Ani Ledodi verse has become so popular and well-known—surely no coincidence. When you take the first letter of each word in the verse,

     אני לדודי ודודי לי Ani Ledodi V’dodi Li

You get:

 א-ל-ו-ל  E-L-U-L

The twelfth month of the Jewish calendar, the month leading up to the High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  As we said before, this acronym is no coincidence. What is the significance of the month of Elul and what is its connection to Ani Ledodi?

During the month leading up to The Day of Judgment, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (18th century) teaches us, “the King is in the field.” This means that G-d, the king, makes Himself accessible to us. Instead of His normal place behind palace walls, during this time He is out in the field for us to simply go out and talk with Him, pray, ask for forgiveness, and spill our hopes and desires. G-d says during Elul, “If I am your beloved, then you are Mine. Come just a step towards me and I will come the rest of the way.”  Elul is the month that epitomizes “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

Furthermore, this verse illustrates the reciprocal nature of our relationship with G-d. Not only do we love and worship G-d and praise His Name—He does the same for us.  Just as Jewish men put on tefillin (phylacteries) everyday which contain praises of G-d, the Talmud B’rachot 6 tells us G-d also puts on tefillin every day, but His contain praises of the Jewish people. (Kedushat Levi, Exodus, Bo.

Thus we come to the true meaning of Ani Ledodi: “My beloved and I only exist for the sake of each other.” This raw, passionate love is how we are taught to love G-d.  The great scholar and philosopher Maimonides expounds on the proper form of the love of God:

It is that he should love Hashem (G-d) with a great, overpowering, fierce love as if he were love-sick for a woman and dwells on this constantly… And it is to this that Solomon refers allegorically when he says: ‘For I am faint with love’ (Song of Songs 2:5) for the whole of Song is a parable on this theme.” (Hilchot Teshuvah, 10:3).

From G-d’s point of view, He created us purely to serve us and bestow good upon us. While simultaneously from our perspective, we were created to serve G-d and do good to His creations. This is the essence of a happy marriage. Don’t think about what your partner should be doing for you; think only about what you could be doing for your partner. Love and give to your partner only from a desire to be close to them, not thinking about what you will receive in return.

This, is the secret to an everlasting marriage that Ani Ledodi comes to impart.



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