The Unexpected Meaning Behind Jewish Jewelry & Judaica

Jewish Jewelry 

Jewish jewelry is completely unique in its design and bound by religious significance.

Throughout the 2,000 years in the Diaspora, it happened to be that these unusual symbols marked and identified Jewish families, that kept their ancient culture alive. For many centuries, people all around the globe have been captivated by the artistic appeal, historical importance, and the spiritual symbolism expressed by the jewelry worn by the Jewish people.

Ani Ledodi Ring

The timelessness of Jewish jewelry has grown extraordinarily prevalent recently, because of the wide array of styles, shapes and accessible materials. Whether you are buying a present for a special someone, a wedding ring for your spouse or a new partner to assist you to express yourself, jewelry & Judaica offers a countless variety of options.

Right now, there are many wonderful online stores and retail shops which sell Jewish necklaces, Jewish wedding rings, earrings and Jewish bracelets at very attractive prices. You ought to have no difficulty at all finding that excellent accessory to present to that special someone. There is nothing as important like having a piece of jewelry which is steeped in spiritual significance and biblical tradition. Whether worn as a noble symbol of your faith or a way to emphasize a fashionable outfit, this piece of jewelry will undoubtedly get spotted and appreciated.

There is a sentimental significance in owning a memorable piece of Jewish craftsmanship. The piece symbolizes spiritual values and freedom of Jewish traditions everywhere. The moment you put on this exquisite piece of jewelry you are illustrating your beliefs in a distinct way. Numerous traditional Jewish families like to pass down a magnificent piece from one generation to the next. But people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds have begun to appreciate the sacred embellishment of this ancient and beautiful culture.


The “Star of David,” is among the most significant symbols in all Jewish religion and culture. This symbol is a hexagram shaped having 2 equilateral triangles. At times this memorable icon is also known as the “Shield of David.” This distinct symbol appears on the Jewish flag, in synagogues, Hebrew jewelry and on head stones in a Jewish cemetery. It is an antique symbol, but it was not regularly used by the Jewish people till the idle Ages. Now it’s the most identifiable symbol of Jewish culture, and apparently the most renowned design for jewelry symbolism in the Hebrew culture.

The Jewish Menorah happens to be the most significant of the artifacts because it has been around for almost 3 millennia. Hence, it’s no wonder to know that the Menorah is the most conventional emblem of the present state of Israel.

silver mezuzah

Additionally, the Mezuzah, a Hebrew parchment which can be seen at the door posts of Jewish homes. This is sealed within a decorated cover and then attached to the right side of the door frame. Attaching a Mezuzah is considered to guard the home of the residents.

Other models of Jewish symbols which fall under the name of Jewish jewelry are the Solomon Seal talisman and Hamsa hand. While valuable in the spiritual application, these Judaica items are also created from expensive metals like real 24 Karat Gold, Sterling Silver or Pewter.

Generally, Jewish jewelry describes significant historical milestones & Kabbalistic numbers. For example, the fingers of the Hamsa, the 6 tips of the “Star of David”, and the 7 candlesticks of the Menorah. All of them are intended to remind Jewish followers of their tradition and faith. That is, Jewish jewelry is the sort of charm bracelet, while silver necklaces and special talismans will make a significant gift. It’s our hope for the future, that these Jewish symbols will be crafted in the classical forms as it was intended

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