The Benefits of Silver

Jerusalem Silver Bracelet

Silver can be a bit controversial in the world of fine jewelry.

There are those high-end jewelers who would never dream of using silver and consider it the ‘metal of the masses’.

And then there’s free-thinking jewelers who have revolutionized the fine jewelry industry by choosing silver, rather than gold, as the metal of choice.

So who is right? Is silver too common for high-end use or is it the best kept secret of the jewelry industry?

In my opinion, silver is far from simply being an inexpensive alternative to gold. Silver has it’s own beauty, versatility and history which make it an exceptional choice for jewelry.

Extremely malleable and ductile, silver can be stretched thinner than a human hair. This makes it excellent for fine filigree work and ornate detailing. It is also prized for its beautiful luster – silver can be polished to a brighter sheen than any other metal.

Being one of the few noble metals, silver is very resistant to corrosion. It only tarnishes when coming in contact with sulfur, but luckily is easy to polish.

Another advantage of silver, which many people are unaware of, is its antibacterial properties. That’s right, silver can actually prevent bacterial illness and speed healing time!

An amazing metal full of surprises, I believe silver more than earns its place amongst high-end jewelry.

Shop silver jewelry and wear it proudly.

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